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The road to success of Dwayne Johnson

There is not any doubt that many of WWE wrestlers find their ways into other types of entertainment and do not end up as wrestles only. Even though they usually find some kind of engagement on TV and many of them end as being actors or stunts in films, none of them becomes a real celebrity actor. Well, almost none of them, this does not apply to Dwayne Johnson.

Dwayne Johnson slowly but surely succeeded in becoming a very famous actor, and there is also a high demand for him. We should also be fair and add that the fame he has comes more from the type of person he is than from the acting abilities he has.

Football and wrestling

If you carefully think about it, it may seem that he has been acting forever and that he is omnipresent in film, especially during the recent years. However, many people know that he used to be a professional football player and that he then decided to get involved in wrestling.

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His football career started in 1991 when he joined the Miami Hurricanes. He got a very hard injury and he used this time smart and finished his college studies with criminology and physiology as his majors. Before completely turning onto wrestling, he played football in Canada for a while. He was a very popular wrestler in 1990s, but he was not known under the name he is famous now. His wrestling name was made out of the mixture of his father’ and grandfather’s names and he was thus known as Rocky Maivia.

Relationship with the audience

He always had a very good personality and this also paved his way into a great success into the world of wrestling at the end of the last century when he started to be known as The Rock. Many of the fans and even some media did not even know what his real name was. However, all this was not enough for starting a great acting career. The turning point for acting took place in 2000 when he appeared on Saturday Night Live and this was the time when some people noticed his potential for TV appearances.

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Movie Roles

We should mention that his bigger role was in The Mummy Returns from 2001 in which he played the Scorpion King. This role was the first significant one and it also showed what he should do not only as a wrestler but also as an actor. He was so good that there was a sequel to this one titled The Scorpion King. He did not act just in these types of films, he made a very smart choice when he decided to act in comedies. Apart from these types of movies, he also acts in disaster/action movies.

Serious actor

We have been accustomed to see him as an action and comedy actor, but there is not any doubt that he can find he was and profile himself as a very serious actor.