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The Real Reason Our Politicians Are Not Taking Mental Health Seriously


Despite the fact that mental health problems are steadily increasing in the United States, the national stance on mental health doesn’t seem to be changing. Even though more and more people are being diagnosed with conditions like anxiety and depression, very few improvements are being made to mental health infrastructure.

If there’s such a rapid increase in these issues, why aren’t our politicians making a point of improving the situation? In this article, we aim to answer this question for you.

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Mental Health Money – Insurance

One of the main reasons that politicians aren’t taking the mental health situation seriously is because of the potential profit involved. Or, one could say, they are taking it seriously – but instead of focusing on finding a solution, they are reaping off of the profit.

There are a number of ways that mental health insurance companies are doing this.

First and foremost, they make it notoriously hard for patients to get authorized to have help with their treatments. In fact, they are known for paying mental health practitioners so badly and being so difficult to deal with that many psychiatrists refuse to even accept insurance from patients.

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This means that patients are paying into their insurance but not being able to receive the benefits that they deserve. Meanwhile, anxiety levels are creeping up, more and more people are paying into insurance funds, and these funds are not being used to improve the state of mental health.

This shadiness further profits the health authorities because desperate patients will still fork over the money to get treatments even if their insurance doesn’t cover it.

What Can We Do?

If you don’t want to buy into the shady health insurance business of America, there are still some options available for you.

One of the best ways to find an improvement is to look into your own potential for self-help. This means perusing self-help resources such as websites like and Help Guide, books, articles, and magazines. These can help set you on a path towards self-recovery.

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Many people don’t need a psychologist or a therapist – they simply need the knowledge that these professionals can offer. If you don’t have a serious condition and you have good self-motivation, you may be able to find this information in one of these resources.