The Place of the Tramp’s Early Life: US President’s Childhood House Re-Sells!


President Donald Trump’s home in Queens, New York, is up for a public sale at an undisclosed price. This modest house is his childhood home. Bidding was launched today and will be open until November 14th.

Jamaica Estates was estimated at $ 2.9 million earlier this year, much higher than the average house sale price of $ 1.1856 for the area, according to Zillow.

“The value is not in the brick and mortar, but collaboration with the President of the United States,” said Misha Haghani, director of Paramount Reality USA. If it were just an ordinary house, it would be sold as reasonable and worth about $ 1 million, he added.

The humble 2,500-square-foot house last sold in 2017 for $ 2.14 million at a public sale to a person who bought it for investment purposes, Haghani said, the day before Trump’s inauguration.

Before that, it was sold for $ 1.39 million just two weeks before the investor bought it for profit. It was also on the $ 4,000-a-month lease market and the Airbnb short-term rental site for $ 725 a night in 2017. The current owner’s identity was not disclosed.