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The incredible design of Lego Hoonicorn Mustang


When Ken Block, a guy who is Head Hoonigan In Charge, posted a photo on Facebook depicting a car, i.e. Hoonicorn Mustang, people were amazed. The thing for admiration is the fact that this car has been completely made of Lego parts. The ultimate good thing about this one particular is the fact that people can actually construct this by themselves and that they can even drive it.

Lachlan Cameron

Lachlan Cameron is actually the main person who stood behind the entire project and who actually provided the specifics of it and intrigued people around the world, especially, Lego fanatics. He pointed out that the latest creation was made entirely out of Lego parts and there have not been any custom parts used. On the other hand, it has been noticed that there are some chromed pieces used. We should also mention that the unit can be controlled by radio and that it also has radio controls.

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The creation has been made in such a way that it can run by the usage of various motors. It should be also noted that Cameron spent quite a bit of time in making a suspension setup that would also have both front and rear differentials. On top of this, the gear shift is moveable. A lot of attention has been paid to design in terms that we have not only the doors which pen, but the hood also opens as well. There is a V8 engine under the hood and it has moving pistons. We have only one remark: the tire could have been better.

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We have only been able to see the photos of the constructed car, but most details can be found on which is the site of the creators of this car. It is worth mentioning that Cameron has been making a car out of Lego parts for three years and that he previously constructed a Mustang, he needed up to three months to finish it. Furthermore, he offers all the parts needed for the construction of Lego Hoonicorn Mustang.

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