The Importance of the SAT for Undergraduate Admissions

As high school students draw nearer to their senior year many of them start getting serious in their preparations for the SATs or ACTs because they know that these exams are used for college admissions. The SAT test is offered by the College Board and it consists of critical reading, mathematics, and an optional essay portion. The scoring process is usually a bit complicated because SAT scores contain raw scores, scaled scores, and percentiles, but the scores range from 400-1600. It is important to note that these scores change when you take the essay. The test is usually paper-based and with the essay, it takes 3 hours and 50 minutes–without it, 3 hours. The SAT or ACT exams are important tests for undergraduate admission because:

  • They help you stand out from your peers during the college selection process. Students who have high SAT or ACT scores are more likely to draw attention from colleges than those who score averagely or poorly.
  • The test helps gauge whether you are ready for college. The exam tries to draw a picture that helps the university better understand you so as to know whether you are a good fit for their institution.
  • These exams can help you acquire scholarships that will help with your tuition and accommodations. Many scholarships being offered in universities are offered to students with impeccable test scores.
  • The test acts as a stepping stone for your future dream job because most (if not all) accredited colleges will require your scores. This test is also a requirement for all international students, who want to study in the United States of America.
  • These exams give you a chance or an opportunity to be accepted into the University of your choice, even with a low GPA. The SAT scores represent hope for many students who did not attain their desired GPA scores during the final years of high school.
  • They make you more desirable in this competitive job market. Some employers in different industries ask for SAT or ACT scores during the application process. For many students, this exam not only effects their university or college admission but also for their employment.

The SAT or ACT exams are some of the most important exams you will ever take because they are the starting point of any career you choose to embark on. Since a lot depends on how you perform in this exam, it is wise to seek SAT tutoring or ACT tutoring, depending on the test you are taking. The tutor will help you identify your weaknesses and show you ways to improve them. They will also help you understand how to tackle each section within the stipulated time. Without a doubt, with the help of the tutor, you will be able to attain excellent scores that will draw the attention of good universities and colleges. If there is ever a time a student needs help, it is in prepping for the tests.