The Importance Of Self-Improvement

The times we are living in are stressful, and it seems like everyone is in a rush and under certain kind of pressure. We simply don’t have enough time for ourselves, and in the long term, this leads to negative thinking and failure. How, you might ask? Well, you let situations and emotions overcome you without ever sitting down, accepting the truth and figuring out how mindfulness might help you overcome it.

One of the most discussed subjects in the past few years has been self-improvement but to be sincere, it is not a subject that is new at all. For thousands of years, philosophers have been discussing self-improvement in their work, and we have various proofs for that. From Egyptian writings where rulers were educating their children on how to act, and keep self-control, to Greeks who were contemplating living the perfect life accomplished through mindfulness. Among all the Eastern nations made the biggest impact on this subject – with Buddhism and Taoism leading the way. The mixed two created Zen Buddhism a now quite popular philosophy that many people around the world try to understand and implement.

On one hand, Buddhists in the past times strived to achieve mindfulness by emptying and resetting the brain from all thoughts and situations in order to accept the truth and move forward. And the truth in the Buddhist way of thinking is simple – life is both pleasure and pain, and you have to find the Middle way. On the other hand, the Taoists suggest the importance of connecting nature and our inner spirit and turning the tides of the universe to our side.


Tips On Self-Improvement


  1. While in the past times the idea of mindfulness was to free ourselves of all the thoughts, now people think of it as raising awareness about certain thinks and achieving focus in order to accomplish what we have planned. Saying this, Dr Eric Amidi suggests the importance of meditation in the process and that for multiple reasons. First of all, it will allow you to cope with stressful situations in a calmer way. You will not be that affected when things don’t go how you planned, and your relaxed state will allow you to act and think rationally. Along with that, meditation has proven to lower blood pressure and improve your sleep routine. Both of this affects how you feel during the day, and will allow you to go on and accomplish your plans for the day. And it benefits your mental health – the feelings of anxiety and depression seem to go away once you slip in the meditation routine, accepting your wandering thoughts.
  1. Along with that, the importance of exercise for self-improvement is incredible. Though it doesn’t have to be in direct correlation with one being a better version of himself, exercise allows us to be healthier and feel better. In the long term, we develop a healthy and positive mindset and start approaching people in a thoughtful and mindful manner. And as people simply see it as a good habit, you will be on a good way to self-improvement.
  1. Among everything probably the most important thing is to focus on your sensations and emotions. Dr Amidi thinks that not analyzing our emotions and sensations is the thing that leads us to failure. Focus on a certain situation, and try to figure out how and what you feel. Are you blushing? Do you feel stiff neck and increased heart rate? Are you embarrassed or simply nervous and anxious? All of these matters, and if you don’t sit down and talk to yourself about how you really feel you will not be able to make significant changes. Analyze patterns of your thoughts, sensations, and emotions and use it as your tool to solve life problems.
  1. Last but not least you should always strive to be a better version of yourself. Now, a lot of people don’t understand the real point of this – no one of us can be perfect, but what truly matters is that you always aim for good habits and mindful thinking in comparison to falling a victim of negative thoughts and emotions that primarily led you to failure.


Self-improvement is probably important now more than ever – the fast-paced lifestyle and challenges that we experience on a daily basis simply ask for it. Remember, positive thinking and mindfulness are two traits you should always practice and nourish, and believe me you will be ready for whatever life has prepared!