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The Importance of Business Directories And How to Sign up?

Today everything is moving online, it is the age of digitalization. Business directories are becoming also digitized rejecting their old stagnant yellowish hardcopy version. Nowadays, every searcher uses Google to find out everything and also a trusted online business directory to find the companies they want to work with – that’s why adding your business to these lists is very vital for being noticed in the digital era, especially for specialized industries.

There are always different online directories for specific niches, industries, and regions, and the more the name of your organization appears on those lists, the more opportunity you have to be noticed and contacted, to grow your business. For example, you can go to the website like InCityLife where numerous websites are listed categorically.

A business directory is online and offline listing which provides the basic contact and service details of several companies. Consistent listing of business directories can boost your profits. It could be helpful in many ways. Using this online listing facility is one of the main avenues to get higher returns from your website and to reach customers who need your service.

Benefits of Business Directories

1. Increases your online visibility:

It is the first place where today’s buyers seek for help, in case they need any supplier/ partner/ provider. Increasing your visibility minimum of 20% of these directories helps you to attract new customers.

2. Improves SEO:

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It also offers SEO benefits. These directories can help by providing the backlinks of your site; they provide a new listing in Google for every listing in a directory which is very beneficial in terms of SEO. Whenever someone looks for your company name in google, your directory listings will appear in results helps to point them back to your site.

3. Professional appearance:

The internet has had an immense influence on the discoverability of emerging businesses and their trustworthy professional appearance. This you can improve by listing yourself in these online business directories which gives you professional appearance to enhance your business’s status and makes customers more likely to patronize your business.

Step-by-step directions to get listed online

Now, have a glance over a few steps to start online listing:

  1.     Decide the Niche or Domain
  2.     Get Domain and Hosting
  3.     Get a WordPress Directory Theme
  4.     Content, Traffic & Get Paid for Listings
  5.     Get Paid for Advertises
  6.     Branding
  7.     Defend and Expand
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These above-stated steps can be further summed up as follows

Choose your directory Niche:

At first, decide what type of directory website you want to build. Find out related keywords from The Google Keyword Planner and WordTracker.

Get Domain and hosting:

The immediate next step would be to look for a suitable domain and reliable hosting.

Choose a Directory Theme:

Choose a WordPress directory theme which offers great flexibility and also easier, affordable customization. You can outsource it to freelance developers if you are unable to handle this.

 Niche directory theme:

You can find out a ready-made theme available developed especially for the niche from the internet.

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If you have ample knowledge about Real Estate, Events, Food, Fitness, Pets, Sports, Travel, Cars; then create a directory of your City or local area. After that try to expand slowly when you cover every business in your country. Among several revenues to make money from online directories the most relevant ways are:

1. Paid listings
2. Advertising (banners, text advertising, video advertising, etc.)


The purpose of this article is to help you in creating an Internet business by developing an Online Directory. Hope, the tips and tricks mentioned above will help you to formulate your online business directories.