The Greatest Mistakes of Lamborghini of All Time

Lamborghini, one of the best and most famous car brands in the world, have had some phenomenal highs and lows over the years. Nevertheless, they have proved to be one of the most dominant car builders in the industry. So, we decided to compose a list of some of the greatest mistakes of Lamborghini ever.

1. Too Hot

The Lamborghinis have often been accused of getting too hot, even erupting into flames. Even though Porsche and Ferrari seem to recall their cars which have gone through engine fires, Lamborghini doesn’t seem to follow the steps if its competing brands. Instead, the company has been continuously ignoring such instances.

2. Eco-Unfriendly

Lamborghini is one of the most eco-unfriendly cars. In fact, the car has been voted as the “least green car” several times. Lamborghini has five times worse emissions than green cars. Fortunately, there are not many Lamborghini on the roads.

3. Zero Space

The space in Lamborghini cars has been another of the greatest mistakes ever. The car forces you to choose your best friend and ride with you. This can be a real problem if you have a few best friends and you have to decide which one you’re going to ditch.

4. Too Expensive

It goes without saying that Lamborghini has always been associated with wealth. The cars are too expensive and not everyone can afford to have them. It has been one of the most luxurious and most expensive cars in the world since its conception in 1963. For instance, the Veneno Roadster costs about $5 million dollars.

5. Height Issue


Lamborghini cars aren’t made for people who are big and tall. Hence, Lamborghini cars are great, but only if you can fit in them and if you don’t a have extra leg. The tiny interior and the small space are a huge mistake in the car brand.

6. Lamborghini Urraco


This car, first introduced at the Turin Auto show in 1970, was considered to be the first Lamborghini car for the masses. Besides being a great alternative, the car didn’t work and its production soon ceased. Nowadays, these beautiful cars are considered to be collectibles.

7. Too Niche

Lamborghini and its niche marketing and “one-off” planning method are often considered to be a huge mistake. The cars seem to exclude common people and are only available to the extremely reach people.

8. Too Much Attention


These are cars which simply get too much attention, which can get tiresome, especially for the owners. What’s more, the owners get a lot of stares, questions and are usually considered jerks. Hence, Lamborghini owners don’t enjoy a good reputation.

9. Lamborghini Sogna Concept


One of the strangest cars by this car brand is believed to be the Lamborghini Sogna. It was revealed at the 1991 Geneva Motor Show and showed a completely unique design. It was nothing like we’ve seen before. Nevertheless, the car is currently up for auction.

10. Too Fast


You might not consider being too fast to be a mistake, but Lamborghinis are some of the fastest supercars in the world. This being said, the cars cannot be used properly by owners and the bill for fixing them is usually too big and expensive.

11. Don’t Do Winter


It might not be a wise idea to drive a Lamborghini car in the winter season, as the cars haven’t proven themselves in slippery conditions. It is believed that Lamborghini cars can only be controlled by the best drivers. Hence, it’s best if you stick to the summer season.

12. Lamborghini Marzal Concept


This car appeared at the 1967 Geneva Motor Show and attracted a lot of attention with its strange design. This was the first attempt for a four-seater. However, the design caused a lot of problems and the car ended in a museum before being sold for $2 million dollars.

13. The Lamborghini Egoista


This car was produced for the celebration of Lamborghini’s 50th anniversary. This selfish car featured one-seat cockpit and a V10 engine. The car was said to represent hedonism taken to the extreme.

14. A Spelling Blunder

Lamborghini has experienced a worldwide embarrassment due to a spelling blunder at the beginning of this year. A Lamborghini owner in Canada received a car with wrong spelling. The car was spelt “Lanborghini”. The owner returned the car for a name change, but the car underwent some pretty bizarre electrical problems. Even though the issue was eventually resolved, the car brand still suffers from the consequences.