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The Five Best Selling Games Ever

Gamers may love novelty, but once they latch onto a game they like they are fiercely loyal. When a specific game gains notoriety, it can quickly snowball and become absolutely huge. So it is with the five classic titles on this list. What this list also is going to show is that a game doesn’t need cutting edge graphics or gameplay to make it a hit. A certain amount of x-factor is all it takes to make certain one which stands out in a crowded market.

No. 5 – Playerunknown’s Battleground

Over 50 million copies of PUBG have been sold in less than one year. In fact, it has over 400 million registered users easily making this one of the biggest titles of all time.

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No. 4 – Wii Sports

This popular sports game was released back in 2006 and has sold over 80 million copies. This makes it Nintendo’s bestselling standalone game. It does help that it came bundled with a number of consoles, but that does not take away from its popularity. The sports included are:

  • Tennis
  • Baseball
  • Bowling
  • Golf
  • Boxing

This was one of the first games that got gamers out of their seat and provided a bona fide workout with their gaming. For a game that gets you up on your feet and sweating it can’t be beat!

No.3 – Grand Theft Auto V

Grand Theft Auto burst onto the gaming scene over a decade ago and instantly became a hit. Its open-world gameplay with seemingly unlimited options was a real breakthrough at the time. With massively improved graphics and gameplay, number five is the biggest seller in the franchise. GTA V comes with a huge open-world packed with secrets and fortunes to discover. It was released in 2013 and has shifted over 110 million copies since.

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No. 2 – Tetris

This one is a little controversial with some pundits claiming sales of over half a billion which would give it the top spot. The general consensus though puts this addictive block game at a healthy 170 million sales putting in second place, just. It certainly helps that Tetris, in one form or another, is available on practically every gaming platform you can think of. This is a testament to its immense playability and addictiveness!

No. 1 – Minecraft

Not many people would have thought that this weird little building game with pretty average graphics would be so popular. For those who like things a little offbeat, you might also like Entitle Books which is full of niche topics and ideas. Minecraft proves the power of x-factor which has helped it shift 176 million copies! There are not many young gamers out there who have not played this incredibly successful game.

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If you are a keen gamer then you have no doubt played one or more of the titles on this list. If there are any that you haven’t had the pleasure of experiencing yet, then make sure to give them a crack to see what all the fuss is about.