The Easy Way To Sell Your Car In Dubai

If you are a car enthusiast, Dubai might be just the right place for you to enjoy. Seeing top-notch vehicles all day everywhere around is a thing you will experience once there, and driving anything under $100,000 isn’t considered a car. And with people in Dubai owning and constantly buying tons of vehicles (which is pretty easy) you can for sure ask yourself well what happens with all those four-wheelers at the end.

A few years ago there was an article on the abandoned Dubai cars – and it is true, every year thousands of vehicles are left there for numerous reasons, and the owners never come back. Now, while this might seem ridiculous, it is true, and one would ask why. And while buying cars in Dubai isn’t hard, selling one isn’t that tough either and there are a few ways you can do it – but people just don’t want to bother. Let’s take a look at how can the process of selling the car in UAE be simple and profitable!

The Abandoned Cars Story

But beforehand we would just want to mention once again that the story of the abandoned cars is real. If you go there (especially in certain suburbs of Dubai), you will see Lambos, Ferraris, and Masseratis that are in rough shape, but still good enough to drive and enjoy, abandoned right there in the middle of a street. Now, you might ask why do people act like this? Well, most of the cases are simple – a person buys an expensive car, the financial crisis hits him (especially with the oil prices plunging) and soon after he either can’t pay the car maintenance or he is in too much of a debt that owning a vehicle isn’t possible anymore.

Still, why wouldn’t they sell the car and at least get some extra cash? Well, because people are lazy and don’t want to put time into something they are not sure about.

That is why we will show you the easy and simple way of selling your car for good money if you ever end up being in Dubai, or you already live there!

Selling Your Car In UAE

One of the best services for selling car in UAE has to be the Cash your Car UAE as the agency offers fast and profitable deal making. It is pretty simple indeed – and consists of a few steps process.

First of all, you go to the website, enter your four-wheeler info and you will be able to get the valuation of your vehicle without even bringing it to their office. If you are satisfied, you can continue the process, and if not you can bring it in for further valuation and possible negotiation. Once that is done, the agency will offer you to cash in the car in a matter of few days – and that simple you will be leaving with a nice and fair amount of money that you can reinvest. And what is awesome about the Cash your Car UAE is that they will buy almost any vehicle no matter the condition – of course for the price that is reasonable. They are ahead of the competition due to the better prices and customer service as well, and last but not least this agency offers an amazing mortgage clearance help. So if your car has been financed, it might not be that easy releasing it but the agency will take care of everything related to that and pay most of the clearance fees to the bank. This isn’t something that you can expect from any service and certainly is something to admire!

This selling car in UAE agency will make you a happy man.


As you can see, selling a car in Dubai isn’t nearly as hard, and there is not a single reason why one should abandon his vehicle on the street. The mortgage clearance is done by the agency as well so you won’t have to worry about the possible bank issues, and you will be getting fast cash – it can’t get much better than that, can it?

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