The Curse of Oak Island – What Happened on the Latest Episode

The latest episode of the popular History Channel TV show is called Fingers Made of Stone. It aired on Tuesday, January 22, 2019. It follows the various efforts of the team as they search for valuable items and information about the history of the mysterious island.

Laird Niven, Terry Matheson, and Billy Gerhardt continue the excavation of the U shaped structure, which could be from centuries ago. They find some wooden planks, rocks, and other parts of a man-made construction. Marty and Rick Lagina arrive to examine. It is a completely new find, and everyone is excited. They believe it is a French drain, an ancient water system that diverts river flow using rocks. The wall is well built, and it is buried deep. They are not consistent and do not make sense.

In the meantime, Alex Lagina, Doug Crowell and Paul Trodtman travel to Chester to search for documents and records of old. They hope to find anything that will help them at Smith’s Cove. They find a lot of info worth going through. They come across a letter with a diagram from 1936 about construction at Smith’s Cove. They believe it is the same object. They also come across a news article about the finger drains, from 1863. Each drain is 66 feet long. The conclusion is that it is connected with the drains in some way.

After the discoveries, a meeting takes place between everyone at a pub. They agree that the U shaped structure could be connected to the drains. They are about to hit the drains when excavating. More work is exciting.

Ne next morning, Craig Tester arrives at the Money Pit and meets Tory Martin, a Gyro Survey Expert. They plan to examine the holes they dig, to know if they are missing or hitting the targets of digging at around 100 feet. They use a downhole gyroscope, while a sensor measures the data in case the drills deviate.

Back at the excavation at the Cove, they are draining the water from the structure. They come across a triangle opening, believing it is what the article mentions. Doug and Charles call Rick about it. It may be a stone box drain leading to the Money Pit. They decide to wash the dirt away. Laird a Terry arrive as well. They find coconut fiber among the dirt. It was used as a layer of filter for the drains. They decide to dig more and follow it.

Later in the day, Rick, Dan, and Craig arrive at Tory’s operation at the Pit. He found a strange stone. It seems man-made, as it has rides and carvings. They also flip it over to examine it more. They decide to research more about it. Rick, Marty, and Terry go to the Research Center and get in touch with Paul Troutman to examine the stone. They use water and light to examine the carvings and decide to use 3D laser technology to study it further. They agree it is definitely man-made. Rob Hyslop and Ryan Levangue, from Azimuth Consulting Ltd. Who will perform the laser scan?

Rick and Craig go back to Smith’s Cove. They agree that they must be extremely careful with the operation. They immediately come across something new, as Rick operates the excavator. It is another wooden structure. What was it built for and by whom? They also find several wooden boards. Rick believes they go deeper and they continue digging further to find out what else the original builders made on the site of Smith’s Cove.

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