The Curse Of Oak Island Season 7, Episode 8: What Will Happen In This New Episode

Loyal fans of the hit TV show The Curse Of Oak Island know that Season 8 of this great show is already on the run on History channel and they are impatient to finally see the hidden treasure that is somewhere at Oak Island.

Lagina brothers are trying to find the Money Pit, and they tried many things and found a lot of interesting facts and stuff along the way. Currently, they are digging a lot in hope that they are finally going to find something that will lead them to the Money Pit. But everything is on hold now and the whole story is a bit paused. The crew is finding more and more hints about the potential treasure and the whole situation is tenser than ever.

The new episode that is about the go-live after the Holidays is Episode 8, and if you want to know about the details of this episode, continue reading this article.

The previous 6 seasons were very interesting and people around the world loved them, but there were also some very disappointing scenes. There were moments when the crew thought they were just moments away from the treasure, but in fact, they were nothing close to it than they were before. But they do manage to find and dig up some rare and intimidating artifacts, like Knights Templar cross, Rhodolite Garnet brooch, iron spikes, a gold brooch, and many other valuable items.

What Happened in The Last Episode?

The previous episode was titled “Things That Go Bump” and in that episode, there were some fun and exciting moments. The crew was digging near Smith’s Cove, hoping they will reach the Money Pit, but they’ve found something else. While they were digging they discovered a new wooden structure. This wooden structure is a new lead and another step that got them closer to their final goal, the treasure.

There was a lot of digging and a lot of dirt, but the crew found a spike, while they were searching for Shaft 2. The Lagina brothers believe that this spike was used to build a boat pier. The brother also visited the Dartmouth Heritage Museum to see the 90 feet tall stone, which is at the back of the museum. They’ve had to crawl around a rhododendron bush to do it.

Another thing that they’ve discovered was a tar paper, which was used for construction in the 19th century. They believe that this was used for building the structure of Smith’s cove.

What Can We Expect in The New Episode 8?

The brand new episode that will be titled “Triptych” will again be full of digging dirt and going around a lot of mud. We can also expect for the team to find some interesting artifact again, that will hopefully lead them to the Money Pit. The official synopsis of this new episode isn’t out yet, so we will maybe see some surprises.

The Curse of Oak Island Season 7, Episode 8 “Triptych” – Release Date

The new episode of the Season 7 of The Curse of Oak Island, Episode 8 will air at the beginning of the next year. The exact date of the new episode is January 7, 2020. Before this episode fans won’t be able to watch anything that has to do with this show because there will be a two-holiday weeks’ gap. Everyone’s very much excited to find out how close the crew will get to the Money Pit this time, and will there be any sign of the treasure in the upcoming episode. So be sure to stay tuned for any updates on this phenomenal TV show, and it’s current Season 7.