The Curse of Oak Island Season 7 Episode 15 – New Evidence Supporting Nolan’s Theory?

The upcoming episodes of The Curse of Oak Island are going to bring more information about the unresolved details from the previous episode. The 14th and the 15th episode will be merged, so the fans of the show will be pleased to learn more about the shocking details the Lagina brothers have discovered.

In the 13th episode (Bromancing the Stone) we could see the course of events after the Hurricane Dorian. The Lagina brothers got back to the island and continued their research. They decided to drain parts of the swamp where they were digging earlier. What surprised them was the state of affairs after the cleaning – the rock formation was leveled even after the storm. After a geologist said that he also didn’t understand why the rocks were there, the team was surprised. All of this led them to believe that the pathway was in fact man-made and dating from a couple of centuries ago.

What happened with the 90-feet stone?

Apparently, there are two theories about the mysterious 90-feet stone. According to one theory, it potentially has inscriptions which could lead to the Money Pit. On the other hand, it is believed that the stone contains the instructions of how to shut down the flooding tunnel and therefore avoid the trap which is created in order to stop the treasure hunters.

The team searched for it in the backyard of Dartmouth Heritage Museum, but they did not manage to find it. Nevertheless, the Rick Lagina said that this will not discourage them and that they will keep searching.

Fred Nolan’s theory is true?

When it comes to the 15th episode of the show, the fans know that its title (Burnt Offering), and the description published on History says: “Hard evidence suggests that Fred Nolan’s theory that a ship was buried in the swamp centuries ago, may be true.” As it can be concluded from the description in the new episode, the viewers will see that new and significant evidence has emerged, and that Fred Nolan might have been right. Also, if the theory is accurate, it will significantly influence the course of events in the future. In other words, the investigation will perhaps turn into that direction.

A new discovery of the lot 16

As it can be seen from the preview of the episode, the lot 16 was apparently discovered via metal detector. They found two coins, from the years 1673 and 1694, which are believed to be English, because they have the face of King Charles II as well as the word Carolus (Charles in Latin).

Also, the team believes that they found something which could tell us a lot about the history of the Oak Island. It seems that there was some French activity even before the discovery of the Money Pit. So, it could be possible that, centuries ago, the pirates were interested in the island.

The upcoming episode of The Curse of Oak Island, which will premiere on February 25th at 9 p.m. on History, will reveal many fascinating details and how the investigation is going so far.

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