The Curse Of Oak Island Season 7 Episode 13 – What are the New Scientific Evidence that the Crew Have Found

Some episodes in our favorite TV show The Curse of Oak Island have some breakthroughs and others don’t. But Episode 13 of Season 7 was very interesting because the crew has found some very convincing evidence that has been lying on this enigmatic island.

We know that the team had some hard times considering the hurricane Dorian that struck the island, but they’ve managed to get overcome that and now they are again where they need to be, trying to find the infamous Money Pit.

The latest episode ‘Bromancing The Stones’ the team unearthed the swamp trying to find the mythical 90 feet stone, that’s supposedly located at the Dartmouth Heritage Museum.

Another interesting moment was when Rick Lagina went to Louisberg, Nova Scotia to visit the fortress from 1713. This fortress was built by the French and Rick learned more about it, about Duc D’Anville who was allegedly involved in the creation of the Money Pit. When visiting the fortress they’ve tried to see the resemblance to the tunnels they’ve found on Oak Island.

Previously the team came to the conclusion that the swamp was man-made, so they’ve tried to unearth the rocks around the swamp. The team believes they are very close to the Money Pit, but it isn’t certain because they’ve believed that many times in the past.

The most interesting part of the episode was when an ancient tool was found by Gary Drayton. Some scientific evidence concerning Money Pit has come to the surface and now the team needs to calculate where the Money Pit is exactly located and how deep the pit is buried.

Many puzzles and secrets are hiding at the Oak Island and the Lagina brothers are trying to discover them all and decrypt them. Along with the team, we can enjoy their adventures on the road to finding the infamous treasure.

You can watch new episodes of The Curse Of Oak Island every Tuesday on History Channel at 9 pm.