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The Curse of Oak Island Season 6 Episode 8 Recap


On Tuesday, January 8, the latest episode of the popular show aired on the History channel. The eighth episode of Season 6 is titled “Unearthed”. It features Rick, Marty and their team continuing their work on finding the mysterious treasures of the island. Six people lost their lives over the decades of research and digging on the island. However, a legend says that another, seventh victim will have to die before the true treasure is found.

Rick and Marty talk about the progress of the operation in Smith’s Cove. The work on the dam continues, as they wish to drain the area and start excavating. The sheet system looks promising, and they hope to find some interesting artifacts. Since they will have a lot of material to go through, they need something more reliable and time saving. With this goal in mind, Rick wants to check out a wash plant to help them with the painstaking work.


Rick, Charles Barkhouse, Dave Blakenship and Dan Henskee then go to Smith’s Cove to check the progress. Before the excavation begins, more than 100000 gallons of seawater has to be pumped out and drained through pumps. They are hoping the operation proves successful, and help them find artifacts.

Later during the day, Jack Begley, Charles and a researcher Doug Chrome display a new artifact at the Oak Island interpretive center. It is the stone found years ago, and was in storage for a long time. Now, they want it in the museum. They put it next to the place reserved for the 90-foot stone, discovered in 1804 at 90 feet. It triggered a booby trap, flooding the Money Pit to this day. The team hopes to find it next.

Rick, Dave and a geophysical engineer John Wonnacott travel to Bridgewter, Nova Scotia to check a wash plant they need for their work at the dam, to help them process the material. Greg Mailman explains them everything about it and shows them how the machine works. Hand washing would take immense amount of time. They decide to take the machine.


Alex Lagina and Peter Forneti, accompanied by an expert on metal detection Gary Drayton, visit lot 24. There, they scan the area in search for artifacts. They seem to find a ramrod, used to load muskets. This adds to the previously found 18th century artifacts. They also find a bone, pieces of pottery, and a door latch, thought to be from the early 1700s. This seems to be a game changer. Rick then comes to examine. They decide to ask for further expert opinion.

Next morning, the wash plant arrives at Smiths’ Cove. It is a 50-ton beast machine. Multiple trucks arrive carrying the pieces, and the assembly starts. Marty arrives as well, and is amazed at what he sees. He compares the operation to Moses shifting the sea. Him and Rick are more than excited for what is yet to come.

At Halifax, Nova Scotia, historians Doug Crowell and Charles Barkhouse, alongside Jack Begley, go back to the bookstore where the 90-foot store was last seen. It was brought here in 1865, displayed in the bookstore. When they closed in 1919, the stone vanished. Joe Landry meets them, as they explore the basements again. The place is pretty dirty and cluttered. They come across different areas of the tunnels. They then come across to what seems to be the stone in question. It has markings and carvings on it, and they believe it is the 90-foot stone.


Everyone meets at the War room to examine the stone. The carvings were in bad shape back in 1911, and by now, the symbols are almost nonexistent. The stone was used as a slab for cutting and beating leather. Only an L and N remain on it. They decide to treat the rock with a laser examination, like the one done on Stonehenge. The laser technology detects markings not visible with the naked eye.

The following morning, Rick and Greg go back to the Cove. Unfortunately, they discover dozens of major leaks in the dam. This puts everything in danger, as all of the hard work and millions of dollars may prove to be in vain. They get in touch with their partners to ask them if they could address the situation. They suggest silicone fillings to fill the holes.

Next morning, Rick and the team go back to the lot 24 with the archeologist, Laird Niven. They fill him in on the developments. He suggests digging out more of the area in order to find what else is there. Laird continues his work, and comes across a lot of rocks. He thinks they filled an old tunnel that used to be there. The underground workings of the island are one of the biggest mysteries, so they are excited about this potential finding. They decide to section it and dig out the rocks. Rick and Marty bring the news to everyone, and the excitement is high.
New day starts, and the dam is about to be fixed with silicone while the tide is low. Alex and Peter have to pick up the haste and do it quickly.


The Lagina brothers and the team get in touch with Travis Taylor, an astrophysicist. He will help them in their operations by analyzing seismic data from earlier tests. Dr. Taylor arrives to the War room to show them the analysis. He did extensive additional work, and found out evidence of potential vertical voids. The team thinks something is there, but everything is unclear, as it could be other materials or empty space. Taylor finally tells them that they could radon test the area. He also looked at the Freemasons, as a lot of different evidence point to them on the island. In their maps, stars were the guides to the locations. He overplayed the star constellation Taurus over the island. He may have discovered a star map for the island. Stars may show where the treasure is.

This week’s episode was an interesting one, with various developments on multiple fronts. Stay tuned, as we wait for the future findings from the mysterious Oak Island.