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The Curse of Oak Island Season 6 Episode 16 Recap

‘The Curse of Oak Island’ is a truly captivating TV series loved by many people. However, the show might be coming to end soon after all these years. We have been following the exciting exploration of the Lagina brothers and their team on the 57-hectare island located in Lunenburg County, on the south shore of Nova Scotia, Canada.

Season 6 is probably the one which brought the most excitement until now and we are all hoping it will provide the answers of the fascinating mystery. Last week, Rick and Marty and their team in the ‘Dye Harder’ episode found that the Money Pit and H8 were surrounded by huge sinkholes while excavating in H8. Episode 15 was truly thrilling and the team discovered that the tunnel is connected to Smith’s Cove. However, the ground started collapsing and they had to stop the excavation at the moment. So, we have been all left wondering what will happen in the next episode.

Well, episode 16 aired yesterday and we are bringing the recap of this episode in case you missed it. Here is what happened in ‘The Curse of Oak Island’ season 6 episode 16, which was titled ‘Detour.’
The Lagina brothers and their team meet in the War Room and talk with their partner, Craig Tester, via video conference. They share the results of the dye test and discuss what to do further. They conclude that they aren’t done with Smith’s Cove and are eager to verify if they have found the main flood tunnel which leads to the Money Pit’s treasure vault. Nevertheless, they have to first get additional permits from the Canadian government to expand their excavation, as well as, an extension of their existing permit.


The team wants to find a way to move the crane path and dig underneath it. Even though they have made some significant discoveries and previously undocumented structures, time is running short as summer is almost over and their permits will soon expire.

As the team continues searching for artifacts at Smith’s Cove, Jack Begley and Gary Drayton, uncover an unusual object, which they believe might be a spear tip. While the team continues to investigate the mysterious way in Smith’s Cove, the Lagina brothers and Dave Blankenship go to the Money Pit area and meet the representatives of Irving Equipment Limited. The site which they have been excavating is now considered too unstable and unsafe to continue excavating. Rick and Marty come to the conclusion that they are done with H8 for this year. So, determined to succeed the Lagina brothers and their partners decide to return to one of their earliest strategies. They will try to reach to the Money Pit treasure vault by an adjacent tunnel, shaft 6.

So, the Lagina brothers and their team meet a professional diver, Tony Samson, in the War Room to discuss the offshore data. So, while they wait for the government permits, they decide to redirect their efforts in hopes of locating what is believed to be a second flood tunnel system. So, they make a plan and the perfect people to execute it.

Hence, Alex Lagina, Peter Fornetti, and Jack Begley along with Tony Samson prepare for a dive operation in the waters on the southern shore. Their first target is the mysterious triangle shape formation. However, they must remember that whatever they find it’s against the law to touch or move.

Back at the research center the Lagina brothers and other members of their team meet a professional surveyor who they hope will help them pinpoint the exact location of the shaft 6 tunnels.

The divers seem to locate the mysterious triangle formation, which points towards the direction of the Money Pit. This might suggest that it’s intentionally placed there as some sort of marker. Then, the divers perform a second dive in an attempt to locate what they believe might be a ship anchor. However, they discover that it’s just a natural formation of rocks.

The next day, Marty Lagina and Craig Tester arrive at Smith’s Cove where they will remove the structure and try to search the area beneath it. While searching through the area, Gary Drayton discovers an interesting old iron hinge, which is possibly from a chest. So, the team heads to the New Ross to look for answers. There they discuss their findings with Carmen Legge, who suggest that their latest discovery might date back to the 17th century. It looks like the more the team digs the less they understand the mystery.