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“The Curse of Oak Island” Season 06 Episode 20 Release Date and What to Expect

‘The Curse of Oak Island’ season 6 episode 20, titled ‘Short Days and Tall Knights’, is eagerly expected to air as the previous episode brought plenty of suspense. If you haven’t seen episode 19, you should know that the Lagina brothers and their team have a short time which they have to utilize very wisely. As the days are becoming shorter and winter is soon to arrive, the team has to hurry up. However, besides the fact that they found Shaft 6 which could lead them closer to the treasure, plenty of problems appeared while excavating occurred.

Therefore, Rick Lagina invited Richard Moats, a theorist, who suggested four target sites where the original treasure shaft might be located. Nevertheless, the crane operators went on strike due to wage issues and it looked like the work might not resume for at least three weeks. Therefore, the Lagina brothers decided to continue working at Smith’s Cove.

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‘The Curse of Oak Island’ season 6 episode 20 will air tomorrow, April 9, on the History Channel at 9 pm. It is titled ‘Short Days And Tall Knights,’ and comes right after ‘Striking Distance’ and prior to episode ‘Seismic Matters.’

Besides watching this show on TV, you can also see it online with the History app, where you will be required to provide your existing cable TV subscription details in order to gain access.

This episode seems to be more exciting so far, featuring issue at Money Pit which might be very serious. As time is limited, the Lagina brothers and their partners become more frustrated. Hence, we will have to wait for the episode to see whether the team will discover something conclusive or not.