The Curse of Oak Island: A researcher and historian Doug Crowell

Even though this jovial historian and researcher don’t appear a lot, he does have a huge influence when he speaks.

In the episode Clue or False, Doug noticed some things that could prove to be prophetic.

A man obsessed with the studious demeanor.

Doug Crowell and his partner Kel Hancock are in charge of Blockhouse Investigations, which is a team of researchers, investigators, and consultants that are described as: “We are who we are – just a great bunch of Atlantic Canadians with adventurous spirits and a keen interest in the legends and mysteries of our region and beyond.”

Doug and his team spend a lot of time investigating many historical facets associated with Atlantic Canada, “Whether we’re scouring file archives or hiking in the forest, we’re always up to something neat.”

Crowell fist appeared on the History Channel in 2016, when he was a part of documentary reality series in the episode Going for Broke. After that, he appeared in more than 30 episodes after proving himself as an invaluable team member.

He was also the one introducing the team to the late historian Zena Halpern, a researcher from New York.

Zena Halpern had a theory that the Knights Templar, a medieval Christian monastic/military organization buried artifacts on Oak Island that have a great value. They did that in 1307 after their order was suppressed.

Some agree with his theory, and some don’t, but Rick and Marty Lagina’s team was interested enough to interview Zena and consider his ideas.

After his death, the team installed a research center on the island in his honor.

Doug is obviously the leading member of the team, and on this week’s episode someone discovered a soggy piece of dark material believed to be leather, and Dough said: “You gotta find a little leather before you find the gold!”
Be sure to tune in if you want to find out if he was right!