The best POS software for restaurants

Safety and quality are the most important things when it comes to accepting payments and expanding your business. While the prices are important as well, so are the features you need to run a successful business. There is a wide range of software for restaurants, but an effective and reliable POS is quite necessary if you want to have a thriving business and to be competitive.

Buying a new restaurant point of sale (POS) system can help you organize your ordering processes and manage your business more efficiently. The ability to process payments quickly is crucial for customer comfort and happiness. But many restaurants still operate with POS systems or cash registers that are outdated. If you want to upgrade the effectiveness of your restaurant, take look at these POS systems and see what is the best POS software for restaurants?

  1. Touch Bistrothis is one of the leading iPad POS systems for restaurants available on the market. TouchBistro makes running a business easier by organizing all of the aspects of management. This system allows you to make more money, give great customer experiences, and take out all of the guessing and what-ifs when it comes to making business decisions.

2. Rezku POS – this is a relatively new system on the iPad POS market. One of the biggest challenges owners face when implementing a new POS is getting the best service and support during the transition. With the subscription to use this POS, it has some of the features that are beneficial, like automated inventory management, customer relationship management, 24/7 support, and new features are being added all the time. One of the best things about Rezku is that it offers an offline mode to accept credit card payments.

3. Harbortouch – this is one of the most comprehensive systems available for restaurant owners. It provides their customers with a complete touchscreen terminal and EMV processing equipment without the need to pay for it upfront. It also offers free menu programming and free on-site installation in order to help reduce the cost of buying or upgrading your systems.


4. Lightspeed Restaurant – this one is a cloud-based POS system on a mission to help owners improve their business efficiency. This software is designed for smaller or medium-sized restaurants. Not only does it have quick and easy data analysis and payment processing, but it also provides a user-friendly system.

5. ShopKeep – this has to be one of the top-rated POS solutions good for delis, cafés, and coffee shops. With its hardware which is not expensive and reasonable monthly hosting services, it is probably one of the best deals you will be able to get on the market today. If your business struggles to maintain inventory correctly, this system allows you to track the product inventory in real-time and implement the products in their online portal.

6. Square for restaurants – the most famous and popular POS system on this list has done a great job at adequately marketing themselves to small owners all across the county. Its goal is to simplify the payment processing and handle more complex payment features such as dividing tabs and determining tip percentages. It is quite easy to navigate and find the items you need.

7. Poster POS – this is a relatively new POS software for restaurant managers who believe in cloud technologies, value simplicity, and love being mobile. POS application runs on the devices with any operating system: iOS, Android, Windows, Linux, macOS. The online management console can be accessed from any laptop. This gives restaurant business owners a wide choice when they select the most cost-effective set of POS software and hardware.


– As you can notice, there are a lot of great companies for you to choose from in order to improve your restaurant. Having the ability to manage your orders and staff can help you improve your customer service as well as reduce the chance that mistakes will occur often. So, before choosing a POS system, think carefully about the features and functions that your restaurant requires, and of course the price that you can afford.

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