The Best Low Carb Fast Food Diets You Can Eat

Low-carb diets and fast foods don’t go one with another. The reason they don’t go along is that most fast foods are based on bread, which is high on carbs.

However, a recent trend has emerged where fast food restaurants modify their menu to offer everything from burgers to low carb versions of burgers. Fast-food restaurants understand that a lot of people are changing lifestyles to avoid such foods, and those are all customers lost. So in order to gain those customers back, they offer what they need and implement it into their menu.

In this article, we are going to tell you about the best low carb fast food diets.

1. Submarine Sandwich in a Tub


Submarine sandwiches are very delicious, but they are very high on carbs due to the content of the sandwich being placed in a bun. One sandwich has at least 50 grams of carbs. So in order to save on carbs, an interesting fast food option has emerged of ordering your submarine sandwich in a tub.

2. McDonald’s Breakfast Sandwich


With more than 37,000 restaurants around the globe, McDonald’s is an industry giant and leader in the world of fast food restaurants. McDonald’s is widely known for their menu choices such as the Big Mac’s and Quarter Pounders. However, a very popular choice has become their breakfast entrees which consist of an English muffin, one egg, American cheese, and ham or sausage. Each of their breakfast sandwiches has at least 40 grams of carb. So in order to minimize the carb count, people have been ordering the breakfast menu without the bread, which saves up about 20 carbs.

If you would like to know more about low-carb McDonald’s options, has an amazingly compiled article about it.

3. Lettuce Wrapped Burger


Another popular order that can be found on most fast food restaurant menus comes in the form of lettuce wrapped burgers. The content of this burger is wrapped in multiple layers of lettuce, which is being used in the roll of a bun. These bun-less burgers are high in protein and low on carbs. The content of this burger has a total carb count of less than 10, making it the perfect meal for someone who looks for a low-carb fast food option.

4. Buffalo Wings


We’ve all tried them and we all love them, what’s more, to say about it? Probably the fact that they are your best option for a low-carb fast food meal out there comes to mind. A serving of buffalo wings usually has between 3-6 grams of carbs. The majority of carbs come from the various sauces that are used with the wings, such as barbeque, teriyaki and of course anything that is made out of honey. These sweet sauces can add a lot of carbs to the serving, but another thing that enriches the wings with carbs is whether wings are breaded or battered and fried. This is especially common for buffalo wings who are boneless in nature, and it can add a lot of carbs to your plate. If you’re looking to enjoy a nice low-carb, fast food meal, then order a serving of buffalo wings with no breading or batter.