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The Best Free Photo Recovery Software for Windows

Did your photos “get damaged” somehow and you cannot see them anymore? If that is the case you must be devastated. You attempted to return them to life but nothing work. Luckily there is still a way.

Recoverit Photo Recovery, which is read-only and also an easy to use data recovery free download software that is specialized in recovering the deleted photos. It can easily and quickly recover the deleted images from the various types of digital cameras as well as the various storage devices that includes a hard disk, USB disk, and SD card. Besides, the data recovery software free full download version can recover all files irrespective of their sizes. The Recoverit Photo Recovery can be able to recover the lost videos as well as photos from the lost or even damaged, the formatted disk as well as the bad disk within only three steps. You may be wondering why you need this tool. There are very many reasons as to why you require this tool.

Here are some of the reasons

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  • Accidental deletion: this is a case where you press the wrong button. Mainly, one presses Shift+ delete without necessarily having a backup. Another way is where someone empties the recycle bin.
  • Formatting: You can accidentally format the device. Drive or even memory card is not used, and it can request you to format it now. Finally, it is when the SD card has been damaged. You can try reformatting it.
  • Others: Some other factors that can lead to the need of Recoverit Photo Recovery includes unexpected shutdown, windows reinstallation, a corrupted or even damaged drive as well as virus and malware infections.

So, How does One Recover the Photos?

Many of the users think that the photo recovery software has been designed as well as developed to recover photos which are lost on the computer. They think that it does not work on the photo recovery on the USB flash disk. With development as well as advancement of the photo recovery software technology, it is super easy to be able to download such software since most of the users tend to feel very strange to the photo recovery free software that can be able to help you recover the lost files.

It is not very easy to download the best piece of software to recover the photos. Many of the users tend to feel a bit strange to use the photo recovery tool. Here are some steps that you can follow to use:

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  • The first step is to ensure that you will need to download and install the Recoverit Photo Recovery to the computer. Later on, you will need to launch software to open the main interface. Here, it is going to make any of the following preparations according to the device where the photo loss does appear.
  • The next step is to click the start button to begin photo recovery.
  • To be able to recover the lost photos, the users can be able to click the setting button to point the files with the specific types to be scanned.
  • Here, the multiple files types have been provided for the users, and there is a need to be able to choose the desired file types and then click OK button to go on to
  • You will notice on the interface that all the storage devices are going to be displayed by the photo recovery software, and the users need to select target storage space and then go ahead and click the scan button which is located in a lower right corner to be able to scan it.
  • After you scan it, there is an interface which is going to appear showing the different files.
  • You can be able to choose the files which you require.

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