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The Benefits Of Quitting Sugar And How To Cope With The Withdrawal

Eating is a thing that keeps us alive, and I guess most of us do love delicious food. We all have our preferences, but the food industry being huge there is something to satisfy everyone’s craving. Now, the problem with this is that a lot of processed foods or regular sweets contain a lot of sugar.

While sugar may be a good source of energy sometimes, the white refined one is among the four white deaths (fat, sugar, white flour, salt). The thing is once you eat products that include it you feel satisfied for a few minutes, and then you want more – that is how you develop an addiction, and sugar one is pretty serious.

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Eating products that are filled with processed sugar on a regular basis will certainly cause a number of health issues in the long term. The studies suggest that sugar is actually much more responsible for people being fat than eating actual fat.

There are even diets where you completely exclude carbs and just eat fats, and protein like the Keto diet and people claim that it keeps your weight down and energy up! So, excluding the white sugar should be the way to go, and there are multiple benefits to it.

But it isn’t that easy, and the sugar withdrawal symptoms can be pretty harsh. Let’s take a look at what are the benefits of no sugar in your diet and how t cope with the withdrawal!


What Are The Benefits Of Excluding Sugar

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  1. First, and foremost your insulin sensitivity will certainly improve. Sugar is known to make our insulin receptors insensitive thus increasing the glycemia in our blood and causing damage that can in terms lead to diabetes. Thus, not eating sugar is the main one method to prevent that.
  2. Along with that, you will surely lose weight! Sugar contains a lot of empty calories that just stick to your body and turn into fat (if not burnt on time). Also, it creates cellulite as it lets the water hold on to your body. Excluding it will make you feel slimmer and more toned!
  3. You will not age as fast. The problem with sugar is that it also increases free radicals in your body, and that can in terms lead to skin aging, the release of carcinogens, etc. If you want to look like you are at the 40s even when you have 60+ be sure to remove sugar from your diet.
  4. Along with that, your energy levels will be high, and you will be feeling much better both mentally and physically. Excess sugar leads to energy crash in terms of forming lethargy, or anxiety when you don’t have enough sugar around. Believe us excluding it will make you feel better on any level as you will be taking the energy from the whole food and fruits instead of the processed sugar!
  5. While most people experience cravings in a period of less sugar intake, believe us once you get off it you will start eating People that didn’t eat sugar for a longer period of time didn’t have any need for sweets, and in terms, they were quite sick of it even when offered. It is simple, your body gets used to the fact that it doesn’t need white sugar to survive and your mind makes you disgust it.
  6. In the end, you will be sleeping much better as there are no midnight sweet cravings around.


The Symptoms Of Sugar Withdrawal

Though excluding sugar shouldn’t be that hard, it still carries a few harsh sugar withdrawal symptoms that will last a week or so:

  • During the first few days you will be feeling fatigued, week, and probably even depressed. When the sugar starts leaving your body, and you don’t take any more to keep the levels up your body will crash. As for past years, you have used sugar as your main source of energy it will now be confused, and need some time to recover and figure out what to do. Luckily, your body is smart, so it won’t last long.
  • Along with that, you might be experiencing serious headaches and muscle aches. It is normal, and just a sign that the sugar withdrawal is ongoing. It just shows how powerful and physical the sugar addiction actually is.
  • In the end, you will probably be a bit moody and easily irritable. Same as with all addictions when the substance is leaving your body you will be more nervous as your body is craving the same and sending impulses, but don’t worry, you WILL overcome it!
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Tips On Overcoming Sugar Withdrawal

  1. First of all, include exercise and be constantly on the move. Exercising will make you feel much better, and it will raise your energy level. Also, once you are done with the workout and see all those muscles pumped up, you will be feeling guilty even thinking about sweets, so that is a good way to make you stay away from sugar.
  2. Along with that, including a lot of healthy recipes to replace your cravings. You can use certain fruits and stuff like carob, and cocoa to overcome the sugar cravings. And all of these are healthy! Also, try to consume more protein than your previous diet included.
  3. In the end, get out and hang out with people, it will make you forget about your crisis!



It is clear that eating sugar can easily turn into an addiction, and no addiction is good. Thus, although you will be fighting with the sugar withdrawal symptoms be sure that you have enough power and will to overcome it all. The crisis will not last for over a week, and the benefits you are getting are for life!