The Benefits Of FutureOn Field Activity Planner

Running a company isn’t as easy as some might think and though more profitable than the 9 to 5 job at the end you are the one that is responsible for everything happening. And one of the hardest industries to work in is the oil and gas one – yes you can earn a lot of money by owning drills, or the needed equipment but it can be pretty hard coordinating your team and overcoming different obstacles. Having this in mind, it would be good if there was an option that could digitalize your work plan, and schedule and thus make everything at least a bit simpler.

Luckily, FutureOn has us covered and with their Field Activity Planner platform, you will be able to digitalize your assets and workflows and use it for data storage as well. Now, it is clear that humans are visual creatures and it is much easier to understand something once we see the model of it (at least for most people) and the FAP will be able to provide just that. With digitalized assets, you will be able to connect points and assets planning out the working schedule in the process.

Having this in mind let’s take a look at the possible benefits of using the FAP!


Benefits Of The FAP

  1. First and foremost, the Field Activity Planner cloud platform will allow you to communicate with your team without language barriers or misunderstandings that are by the lack of visualization. And along with that, the stakeholders of your company will be able to get informed on the current state and the outcome of a given project at any given time. This in terms will both save you money and time that you would have wasted trying to get everyone on board with the same idea.
  2. Along with that, what is great about the FPA is the fact that it is cloud available so multiple people will have the access to given assets and workflows. This speeds up the working process, and with it, you will have a developed digital environment to support your business.
  3. Not to forget, as the platform is visualizing your assets and what happens to the same in certain cases you will be able to improve your risk management and increase the field profitability in the long term. It is simple – you will be able to predict what is worth investing in by just taking a look at your screen and the developed algorithm. Also, the engineering performance is likely to be improved as well.
  4. Last but certainly not least is the fact that this platform is so easy to use while offering a lot at the same time. The Field Layout Module that the Field Activity Planner has as a main feature allows you to clone or replicate the existing models and thus create a better layout field that can represent the “What If” outcome. As mentioned above this will be of great use when it comes to risk management. Along with that, the Asset Library will make your assets smart so all the specifications of your project will be visible in the metadata value. And with just the use of Drag and Drop feature you will be able to create a layout that will be an entire asset section. One of the best features that this Field Activity Planner includes is the REST API. The REST API allows you to connect this cloud platform to another similar platform that might contain your data and asset information – one of the best examples is MS Excel.


As you can see the Field Activity Planner is likely to be the future of business cloud platform – it is easy to use and cost-effective. Along with that, this platform is sure to improve the collaboration in your board, and you are sure to enjoy the increased profitability in the long term!