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The banter with memes between Dwayne Johnson and Tom Brady is more than hilarious

It’s always funny when celebrities are joking with each other, but Dwayne Johnson and Tom Brady took everything on another level. They are photoshopping each other’s faces into random photos. And the final outcomes are very hilarious.

Dwayne Johnson is famous for his funny and entertaining personality, and one more thing that he is famous for are friendly-banters. He is always doing them with Kevin Hart, and other celebrity friends. But now he is engaged in a friendly-banter with someone unexpected. It’s Tom Brady, the most famous sportsperson in the states.

If you don’t know who Tom Brady is, he is a professional football player, a quarterback, playing for the New England Patriots. He is one of the most popular quarterbacks in the world and the most popular one in the United States.

It was April Fool’s Day a few days ago, and Brady tried to prank his fans saying that he is retiring from professional football. At first, it was a shock, but fans soon figured out it was just an April Fool’s Day joke. So, after that, he twitted asking his fans was it a bad joke.

When all of this was happening, Dwayne Johnson posted a photo, where he photoshopped Brady’s face on his body. And the photo that he used was his old photo from his younger days. The caption said that he heard from Tom Brady that he was retiring and that he is joining Twitter instead.

Brady immediately responded to Dwayne’s tweet, and he did it in a similar style. He posted a photo where Dwayne’s face was photoshopped on the body of a skinny person. And his caption said The Rock skipped a leg day recently.

The Rock first laughed about it and replied that he clearly skipped not only leg but also chest, abs and arms day.

It is so great to see celebrities joking and being just honest and funny. But when it comes to work, The Rock is working really hard also. He is currently working on a sequel to Jumanji: Welcome to the Jungle. A movie that will hit the theatres at the holiday season.

And he is also waiting on a release of yet another movie, that will be in theatres in August 2019, Hobbs and Shaw. This will be a spin-off movie of the Fast and Furious franchise, and of course, Dwayne Johnson will have a lead role in this movie alongside Jason Statham. We can wait to see all of his new and incredible movies that he was working on recently.