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The arrival of Ford Mach E Concept is approaching

It seems that Ford has been working on and testing on their crossover that is inspired by Mustang for ages, however, we have might approach the moment when the arrival of this unit is more realistic and evident than ever.

Official debut

If we are to believe Autocar, the official debut of this concept would happen during this year. However, this newspaper did not give any more specifics about this and it only concluded that the only known thing may be the name of the model.

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The name

There are some speculations that the name of this concept would be Mach 1. On the other hand, it was quickly denied that this name would be used and the denial was a kind of a consequence to the dissatisfaction of the fans of Mustang, who considered that a name of Mustang should not be given to the model that is an electric crossover. So, the manufacturer decided to the description of the model as the one that would be made from the inspiration from Mustang and that it would be a unit that would be running on electric power only. Despite all this, the company has been discussing the model as Mach E or Mustang Mach-E. So, it may happen that a model would have Mach E name but there are not any details about the manufacturer’s intention of making an electric Mustang.


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The name is not so much important as the fact that Team Edison is working on the development of the model. It should be added that this team is solely focused on the design of electric units. After the release of the unit, it is expected that the markets of Asia, Europe, and the USA would see the release and sales of this model. The production is expected to take place in Mexico. When we are talking about some characteristics of the unit, we need to say that it is estimated that the unit would be able to be driven for 483 in only one charge.

Electric units

It should be noted that Ford is giving its best in order to launch as many units as possible. More precisely, they are planning to release about 16 different electric unit by 2024.