The Advantages of Car Hire During your Holidays


When the holiday season arrives, the question of whether to hire or not to hire a car arises in more minds than one. Should we use public transport in the area when traveling or do it is better to rent? Will it be cheaper for me? Will I have problems collecting the car or delivering it? Well, there are many advantages to car hire when we go on holidays, but not in any circumstance. The most important thing is to take into account what is the destination of your vacation and what alternative means of transportation to the car exists in the place. Here are a few advantages that you will experience if you go with car hire, and what to do and what not to do when you have finally decided to go for it.

You decide what, when and how

Car hire gives you total freedom over schedules, unlike the bus or organized tours. It is very frequent to visit a place and want to spend more time there but not be able to because the last bus departs within 10 min. or the organized guided tour that you are attending to does not have a flexible schedule. Having your own car allows you to decide the time you want to spend in each place and change plans last minute because of the wheather or just because there is an event or place that causes you special interest.


It is cheaper than other means of transportation

According to either if you are only visiting a city for a few days or you are going to be there for a few months, having your own car is always going to be useful. Public transport within a big city is usually very cheap, so if you’re not going to leave the city it can be profitable. On the other hand, if your route forces you to travel to other towns or cities and you will need to take buses or trains between several locations anyway, the best option is to rent a car because it will be cheaper.

Car hire is also ideal for those people who travel to other countries for months, since the transportation of their own cars would be more expensive than hiring one when they arrive. But there are also problems with long periods. Some companies try to prevent the same person from driving a car for more than a month due to the fact that they renew their fleet every year, and try to keep the accumulated mileage for each vehicle below a specific number (often agreed in advance with the brands of cars that buy them back), so as not to devalue the value of the car. So, if you are spending a long vacation in Costa del Sol -like plenty of German and British citizens who go there to spend the coldest months of the year- and you need Malaga car hire services to have a vehicle available during your stay, you have to relay companies like Marbesol, which allows car hire services up to 89 days.

The reservation and collection process are easy

Car hire is very simple: all you need is a valid driving licence, your identity card or passport and a credit card. There are different key aspects that you must take into account at the time of booking such as fuel policies, mileage, types of insurance, etc. You can book the car online prior to your arrival, but you can also wait until you get to the airport and do it at the counter of the company of your choice.


You can choose the car that suits you best

Depending on the type of trip you make, you will have to choose one type of car or another, since travelling with friends or with your partner is not the same as travelling with kids or in a large group. For example, if you are traveling with a single partner or one or two friends, a Fiat 500 Cabrio might be a good option. On the other hand, if you are travelling with the whole family, a Volkswagen Caddy may come in handy. Similarly, if you’re going to visit a nice mountain pass with don’t choose a 70 HP urban car because you probably won’t enjoy the ride. It’s better to invest a little more money and time and select a car with a stronger engine for those circumstances.

You can enjoy the views… And the drive


Not everyone enjoys the act of driving itself, but if you’re a car lover, you should consider whether the place you’re traveling to has a specific route that’s worth taking on the road. Not only because of how enjoyable the drive is going to be for you, but also because of the beautiful landscapes that your fellow travelers might see.