Taking a Job and Expected to Commute?

It’s always good to be offered the job you were hoping for, isn’t it? And accepting it seems like a no-brainer. If it’s not the relief of no longer having to go to daunting interviews, it’s surely rewarding to know a new employer has faith in you and your abilities. But what if you find out the dream new job you’ve got actually ends up requiring a lot more travel than you’d first expected?

It’s not all that unusual. Our commutes are taking longer than they were a decade ago – particularly for workers living in and around London. Of course, that doesn’t mean you should settle for second-best and accept a less desirable job closer to home. Although finding a balance between a good job and a decent commute is also very important. You can still balance your new job and its travel demands with other important parts of your life. The question is often knowing how to do it and what apps and options are available to you.


Like most things in life, preparation is important. You wouldn’t go into an exam without revising or buy a car without doing your research first. So, why would you embark on a new commute without knowing the full ins and outs. In this sense, it can be a superb idea to know exactly what your daily commute will look like – is there any variation in travel times or different route options? If you’re working in the middle of the city it could be easier to go by train, rather than driving all the way and having to pay for parking, which can end up being very expensive. However if you do need to drive, you can looking into carpooling, or possibly a park and ride, that way you don’t have to worry about navigating your way round a city you might not be that familiar with.

If you have defined working hours and plan on commuting by train, for example, you’ll know when you’ll be travelling. This means you can make advance arrangements – whether that’s pre-booking season tickets when commuting from Brighton to Clapham Junction or choosing the departure and arrival times for journeys between Hull to Leeds. If you are interested more about booking tickets check this southernrailway. Ultimately, it means no need to worry about things like traffic on the day. If it’s an option for you, commuting by bike can be a great way to keep fit an get some fresh air, this is especially good for you if you work in an office all day. Some sunshine and fresh air can help you wake up on a morning and clear your head after work as well.

Use the time wisely

The prospect of a long commute could fill you with dread – but try flipping the situation on its head. By embracing the time you’ll be spending getting and to and from work, it becomes possible to find opportunities to make the most of these windows. Of course, it doesn’t mean taking work with you. The commute is still, after all, a chance for a spot of me-time before and after work.

Instead of picking up work calls and emails, lose yourself in your latest book or magazine – you may be surprised by how many pages you get through. With headphones to hand, find a new podcast to educate or entertain. If you commute is long enough, you could even enrol on an online course, the guaranteed time every day is something that will really help you learn a new skill.

Or even catch up with life admin thanks to the extensive range of mobile apps now available for banking, bill payment and shopping that way you have more time when you get home to do the things you actually want to do.

It can also give you a chance to plan your meals, with all the “New Year, New Me” inspirations that January will bring it can give you a good chance to weight loss/weight gain and gym plans. You can use the time to look up recipes you haven’t tried before along with writing your shopping lists with everything you need. Using a brain training app is also a good use of your time.

Alternatively you can use the time to indulge in your guilty pleasures, like catching up with your favourite YouTubers or watching a Netflix show. Taking some time for yourself while on your commute can help you transition from your role at home, to the one you need to have at work.

You could be surprised at how much you get done without knowing it – and suddenly you have more spare time when you get to your front door. There are so many different options for what you can do with your time, from making the most of it to indulging in life’s little pleasures.