3 Reasons to Take a Lash Extension Class: Different Courses Explained

If you’re interested in learning how to apply for eyelash extensions, it’s important to consider taking a lash extension class. These extensions are a favorite beauty treatment among celebrities and regular people alike, giving them sophisticated and stylish looks. But rather than attempting to figure out the application process on your own, there are many advantages of taking a professional lash extension class.

Why take a course?

Taking lash extension classes can be a great way to expand your skillset and build up your career in the beauty industry. It can provide an opportunity to learn the latest techniques, get insights on the proper application and maintenance of extensions, and also help you build a portfolio of clients. Moreover, studying extensions can give you the confidence and knowledge to properly apply them, ensuring that your clients achieve the look they desire.

1. Learn the latest techniques

When you take a lash extension class, you gain access to the most up-to-date techniques. Once you’ve mastered the basics, you can learn different types of techniques such as volume, hybrid, and Russian volume extensions. Professionals keep their knowledge of methods and trends at the forefront of fashion. Taking a class will ensure that your skills stay current and up-to-date. By learning a variety of methods, you’ll have the tools necessary to serve clients who have different needs and wants. You can even experiment with different designs to create stunning looks for yourself or your clients.

2. Get Certified

When you take a certified lash extension class or course, you can be sure that you will receive the best training and use the highest quality products during your experience. You can take classes at beauty academies, esthetician schools, and even spas. No matter where you choose to take your class, the first step is to make sure it is certified by a professional board or organization.

Certified classes generally include hands-on practice with real clients and students who have gone through the course are typically given an official certification at the end. Most certifications require ongoing education every two years in order to maintain validity. During these courses, students learn about anatomy and physiology; eyelash health; safety guidelines; proper application techniques; chemical ingredients of different adhesives; lash selection and design tips; business advice for those looking to join the profession on a full-time basis; etc.

3. Increase your income

Taking a class taught by an experienced instructor will not only increase your earning potential, but it will also give you the confidence that comes with knowing the service you offer is of the highest quality. You’ll also learn valuable tips and tricks used by professional artists that can save time while providing superior results for every client. Additionally, these classes teach hygiene protocols and safety measures which are critical for working with clients in a hygienic setting to ensure their safety and satisfaction.

With proper education and knowledge of techniques, aftermarket products, and health regulations even beginners can become capable professionals to grow their clientele base quickly over time.

4. Learn about safety and sanitation

When you attend a professional class, you will learn about lash safety and sanitation. This is essential knowledge for all lash technicians. You will learn about the different types of adhesives and the safe removal of stubborn extensions, how to ensure hygiene and cleanliness in the beauty salon and how to safely apply eye makeup for optimal results. All of these measures are necessary for your client’s safety as well as your own.

Different Types Courses

Courses come in many forms, from beginner to advanced courses, so there’s something for everyone regardless of experience level. Beginner classes are designed to provide the basics of extensions and teach the proper techniques for applying them. Advanced courses take the skillset to the next level and allow technicians to specialize in certain techniques, like volume lashing.

Each class offers something unique and provides important techniques that help build the foundation of the lash artist’s skillset.

Classic Course

Classic Lash Extensions involve applying a single synthetic lash to one natural lash to naturally enhance the look of the eyes. These classes get students set up with the essential skills, knowledge, and confidence needed to begin lashing prim time.

They generally cover:

  • Proper sterilization of supplies
  • Client consultation
  • Understanding growth cycles
  • Eye diseases you should be aware of
  • Eyelash mapping
  • Isolation technique
  • Glue safety and gluing effective bonds

Volume Extension

For those of you wanting to create fuller, fluffy looks, enrolling in a Volume Lash Extension Class would be the best choice for you. Volume Lashes are created by applying up to 3 individually placed extensions to each natural eyelash. They have been known to have a longer-lasting set than a classic course, so you can create beautiful looks for your clients that will last a week or two.

You will be able to see first-hand how an experienced Lash Artist creates amazing volume sets. You will learn different techniques such as creating fans, the Do-Si-Do method, and pick-ups that can level up your lashing skills. Through this course, you will gain basic knowledge and develop advanced skills as well because of its extra program content on fast and efficient styling methods that can help improve your confidence in creating beautiful works of art using volume lashes.

Hybrid Course

Hybrid Classes combine classic single lash extensions with lash volume fans, creating a fuller look with a natural feel. This type of class is suitable for both experienced aestheticians as well as entry-level applicants.

During the class, students will learn about handling multiple lashes on one root, and how to select the appropriate fan size for each individual’s desired look. They’ll also learn proper product application techniques and about the different types of adhesives used in this process. In addition, students will be shown tips, tricks and safety protocols to help them successfully complete their client’s lash extension services from start to finish.



In conclusion, taking a lash extension course can be beneficial for both your career and personal goals. With the skills you’ll gain, you’ll be able to offer clients enhanced beauty according to their desired look. You can also increase your professional portfolio, improve your knowledge and hone your technique with hands-on practice from an experienced professional.