Sweepstakes Promo Codes — How to Earn More Bonuses?

In spite of operating differently from classic casinos, sweepstakes gaming sites have maintained the practice of rewarding players with special treats. Although the prizes available at social casinos don’t include real funds, they are still enticing enough to attract players and keep them active.

The standard promotional lineup at most sweepstakes casinos starts with the welcome deal for new players and continues through registered users. Aside from the usual bonuses, sweepstakes casino members can take advantage of extra perks known as promo codes. Stay on this page to find out what sweepstakes promo codes are and how you can use them at social casinos.

What Are Sweepstakes Promo Codes?


They are unique identifiers necessary for unlocking special bonuses at social casinos. Each casino creates its own promo codes and ties them to selected bonus offers. If you don’t know the specific code for an offer you’d like to claim, you won’t be able to activate it.

Those who have a promo code for a sweepstake casino can make the most of it and keep the free gameplay going. It’s important to remember that these deals don’t last forever, which is why you should use them as soon as you see them.

How to Use Promo Codes at Social Casinos


Some social casinos allow new members to type in a bonus code during registration, while others offer this option only after signing up. For instance, Fortune Coins, a popular US sweepstakes site, doesn’t have a section for a promo code on the registration form at this time. Therefore, if you’re thinking about using promo codes at this social casino, you may do so upon registration and your first Fortune Coins Casino login.

If a casino allows players to activate bonuses with promo codes during the sign-up process, it will leave a designated space among other registration questions so that the bonus becomes active as soon as you join the platform.

It can be a great way to get more bonuses when playing at sweepstakes casinos. Here are some tips for how to use these codes to maximize your experience:

  • Look for sweepstakes promo codes on casino websites, social media pages, and email newsletters. Casinos often release these codes to reward their players or to promote special events, so it’s a good idea to stay up to date on the latest offers.


  • Use them strategically. Some codes may offer a percentage bonus, while others may provide free spins or other rewards. Be sure to read the terms and conditions of each code and decide which one is the best fit for your gameplay and budget.


  • Check the expiration date of sweepstakes promo codes. Some codes may only be valid for a limited time, so it’s important to use them before they expire.


  • Consider joining a loyalty program. Many sweepstakes casinos offer loyalty programs that reward players with exclusive bonuses and sweepstakes promo codes based on their activity and level of play.


  • Use them to try new games. If you’re unsure which game to play next, look for codes that provide free spins or bonuses on specific games. This can help you explore new games without any risk.

Overall, they can be a valuable tool for earning more bonuses at sweepstakes casinos. Just be sure to read the terms and conditions of each code and use them strategically to make the most of your gameplay.

Which Promotions Can Sweepstakes Promo Codes Unlock?


Over time, you’ll learn that promo codes aren’t always necessary for claiming social casino bonuses. Many sweepstakes sites don’t generate exclusive coupons and instead offer players all the promotions they want with no requirements. However, other social gaming sites may follow opposite principles and make them mandatory.

That’s why you’ll sometimes have to provide a code for special offers:

  • Welcome bonus — Almost all sweepstakes casinos feature a welcome bonus for new players.
  • Daily rewards — Daily rewards are regular promotions at sweepstakes casinos. Usually, all you need to do to receive this bonus is to log in to your account every day. The sweepstakes casino will add the daily prize to your account as soon as you come to the platform, so make sure to do it even on days when you don’t have time to play.
  • One-time bonuses — Sometimes, you can get prizes for completing certain tasks, like adding missing information to your profile after registering or playing specific games.
  • Friend referrals — You can often find friend referral bonuses at social casinos. If they don’t come with a code, they may call for the use of a specific link you should send to a friend who wants to join the casino.
  • Tournaments and contests — Sweepstakes bonuses are also available for ongoing game tournaments any platform member can join. Also, social casinos frequently organize contests through their social networks. Social media accounts have become a very important part of the industry. Therefore, it’s a good idea to follow the ones you play at and stay informed about potential rewards.
  • Mail promotions — Social casino players can also receive special promo codes via email or use this method to request casino credits.

In addition to these offers, you can find many other prizes and rewards at sweepstakes casinos. These sites are improving their marketing strategy regularly, so we hope to see more promo codes in the future.

Bottom Line

By joining a social casino, you become eligible for all the bonuses the operator has in its arsenal. Promo codes are slowly becoming an integral part of this story, which is great since they can bring players exclusive rewards and real prizes. So, when you see a bonus code, don’t hesitate and use it right away to increase your winning potential.

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