Student’s impressions of Arizona State University

In April, I had the opportunity to visit the state of Arizona, namely the campus of the American University of Arizona State University, to study the structure of the university, study programs, visit the campuses of the educational institution, and communicate with students. The trip to this university was a real discovery for me because I honestly admit that I also thought that studying in such states was far away, hot, maybe even boring to some extent. It was a pleasure for me to dispel my prejudices, and I hope that my experience will help many students to make a choice in favor of this educational institution and get higher education in the USA, in the state of Arizona. Writing assignments are quite complicated at this university, that’s why students prefer help of qualified professionals at

My trip and visit to the campuses of Arizona State University helped me to understand the most popular myths of students, and I am happy to share my experience with future students. I hope this will help make your choice in favor of higher education at Arizona State University.

Arizona state – hot, but pleasant

The sun, a comfortable climate (in April), perfect cleanliness, pfwriting leasant people – my impressions of the first day spent in Arizona. Life in Arizona is no different from other states, except that there are 299 sunny days a year. I can’t compare the cities in Arizona with New York, Boston, or Chicago, since these are noisy megacities, the only ones of their kind, and they do not determine the lifestyle in all of America in any way, they are more an exception. After all, in most cases, the entire territory of the United States is a one-story America. And Arizona is its typical representative.

If you want to see real American life, you should visit Arizona. Here you feel like a hero of an American western: desert landscapes, bright green oasis cities, taverns where country music sounds, evening gatherings for conversations about business and travel, cowboy dances, mega-portions, and eternal shorts of residents.

Is Arizona boring?

My impressions of Arizona State University and the State of Arizona

When I was asked about Arizona, I only knew that the Grand Canyon and the Sedona Valley were located here. But after reading which states Arizona borders with, I liked this fact even more: in the west are California and Nevada, in the north — Utah, in the northeast-Colorado, in the east – New Mexico, in the south-Mexico. It’s already more fun with such neighbors, don’t you agree?

The answer to your question is it boring for a student in Arizona: YES, if he does not have a license to drive a car, and NO – if he still has a license.

Arizona State University


If you still think that the most ranked universities are located in Massachusetts or New York, then Arizona State University will easily dispel your beliefs. Let’s take a look at the latest US News & World Report ranking :

#115 – National Universities

#52 – Top Public Schools in the US

#1 – Most Innovative Schools

#30 – Business Programs

#38 – Best Undergraduate Engineering Programs

#24 – Civil Engineering

#20 – Computer Engineering

The university is proud of first place in the category of the most innovative university in the United States. The first place in this category is absolutely justified. The latest buildings of the university, laboratories, technical equipment, confirm this fact.

I was struck by the University of Arizona’s Polytechnic Campus. During my visit, I was lucky enough to talk with a student who is studying for a doctoral program and is engaged in solar energy research. When asked how much the equipment on which he conducts his research costs, the student smiled and replied- “Very expensive”. For me, this was a confirmation that students are not just studying theory, but are engaged in research work, developing new technologies, and the university is interested in their research.

I believe that ASU is rightfully among the top 60 universities in the United States, having a high rating in teaching in the following areas:

1 Natural science

2 Engineering and Technology

3 Medicine

4 Physics

5 Chemistry

6 Social Sciences

7 Economy

8 Computer Science

The university is ranked 123 in The Times Higher Education World University Ranking 2019. Various individual programs and specialties of the University of Arizona occupy first place in various profile ratings. Sometimes it is because of this that students choose a particular program. Here are a few of them:

The Master’s program in Global Business of the Thunderbird School of Management Faculty took first place in the Times Higher Education/Wall Street Journal Business School Report 2019.

Arizona State University Campuses

What struck me the most was the university campuses, the latest buildings, equipped classrooms, laboratories. I got the impression that the academic buildings were built only a year ago, well, at most 5 years ago. You can never say that the campuses are located in the desert, there is always a lot of greenery and flowering trees. I would say that Arizona is an ideal place to study, nothing distracts from the educational process here. The perfect combination of all the places necessary for student life: supermarkets, cafeteria villages, amusement parks – all this is intertwined with the picturesque bosoms of untouched nature.

Which campus at Arizona State University is better to choose?

Arizona State University is divided into 5 campuses, among which the faculties and specialties of the university are distributed.

Tempe Campus

It is located in Tempe, a 30-minute drive from Phoenix, one of the largest and most popular among students. Most students plan to study here since most of the faculties are located here and most of the student life of the university is concentrated.
My advice: you should choose this campus if you want to plunge into the life of a large American university, study surrounded by a large number of students, and study on the university’s campus, which is located in the city.

Downtown Phoenix Campus

This campus is located in the city of Phoenix and is ideal for those students who want to be involved in the life of a big city. The number of students here is much smaller, and the university buildings are not separated into separate campuses but are part of the city.

Here you can study at the faculties of law and journalism. By the way, the school of journalism is one of the most famous and powerful in the United States. Students of the faculty are involved in the filming of a morning show in the city of Phoenix.

Polytechnic Campus

A small campus of Arizona State University was created for the training of engineers. All conditions for training are created here for students of this specialty. You will not find a large number of students here, but the largest number of laboratories that allow students to research in various fields of science is concentrated here. We can say that this campus is for students who are completely immersed in scientific research and are ready to observe their experiments for days.

West Campus

A small and truly homely campus, located about an hour’s drive from Phoenix. There are only 6 faculties located here. It is also here that international students who need additional training before entering the main bachelor’s and master’s programs are trained. After completing the preparatory programs, students continue their studies at the main campuses in the cities of Phoenix, Tempi, or the Polytechnic Campus.

Lake Havasu

The smallest and most remote campus of Arizona State University. My first impression of this campus is that I came to a large hospitable family.

Lake Havasu is a famous American resort, popular for water sports. The department of the university in this city was opened relatively recently, and about 150 students study here, who study in 20 specialties presented by the university. If you want to study in a small city, and you like individual training more, this campus is ideal for you. Moreover, the cost of training here is three times lower (on average, $ 10,000 per year).

Should I choose Arizona?

Although the university is located in an” unpopular ” state for students, it can satisfy the most demanding applicants and their parents:

  • Comfortable living and learning conditions
  • High ranking of the university in the USA and the world
  • Strong Bachelor’s and Master’s degree programs
  • A wide range of specialties
  • Excellent equipment of the university
  • Active student life

And, of course, 299 days of summer, and only 66 days of spring, or autumn-sunny and warm.

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