How to Highlight your Strengths and Hide Weaknesses in a Job Interview

Studies are the most beautiful part of life. After their completion, each person is focused on getting a job. Everyone is trying to find a job that is in the field to which they belong. Additionally, in order to find a position that would suit him, everyone invests in their skills. So many of them attend online courses, free trainings, seminars, webinars, discussions, but also academies in the field to which it belongs according to education. Often people do not find work in the places they belong to according to their education and this creates anxiety and insecurity in them. Even though they are not in the places they have always wanted to work in, they are trying to find something better in the meantime.

We have already said, there is no perfect job. If you are in a company where you do not like things, at first try to get used to it. If this habit does not work, the next step is to suggest an improvement in the conditions or some changes. If they agree, follow the implementation of the changes, and if they do not agree, give that company one last chance. Go and talk to owners or managers about things that do not go well with the company. If you still do not understand in those moments, then you should definitely consider leaving the company. And what next? And after that experience, you will find a new job.

Starting a new career is the best thing that can be done after leaving the old one. The first thing to do is to edit the CV and check if everything is listed in it. Finally, it is necessary to edit the cover letter. Once everything related to that is done you can see all the calls looking for new employees. Examine them carefully, do a little research on whether that company is ideal for you in terms of terms and if you like it send them a CV and cover letter to them. What if they choose you? Feeling insecure and unprepared? Do not worry, we are here to prepare. We will teach you how to emphasize your strengths and how not to point out the weaknesses that you otherwise have to work on. Follow us to the end of this article and learn more about how to be perfectly prepared for the next working position meeting.
  1. Prepare a speech to say in front of them – to be ready for some kind of career meeting you need to prepare. Have a matrix in your head according to which you would be guided in given situations. For example, how would you react to an awkward question, how would you respond to something you do not know the correct answer to, how would you best emphasize your skills, and so on. You always need to come up with a plan or backup plan and even know how to take some of the interviews into your own hands at certain times. If you are still nervous after that, then you can read more here and find out ways to stay calm and at the same time ready for new meeting about the career position you are craving for. Be calm and everything will go well.
  2. Look at the most common career related questions – the Internet is a never-ending sea of ​​information that is of great value. You would only realize the enormous value of information if you asked a frequently asked online interview question, then you would know how powerful the Internet is. Before starting a conversation in the companies, try to find more information about what they might ask you, but also how to give the best answer. Only then will you prepare well enough to leave a great impression after which you will be called to work for them.
  3. Look at the appropriate dress code – often candidates show their shortcomings through the dress code. The dress code for this type of conversation is unified. You can find a lot of information about it online. There you will see which pieces of clothing are recommended to wear when attending such conversations. So choose your combination for that conversation and prepare accordingly. With the dress code, your chances of getting the job are higher, your self-confidence will be higher, but not only that. You will show that you are highly motivated and that your characteristics are exactly what they are looking for.
  4. Watch the movements you make during the meeting – sometimes both body movements and facial expressions can determine the response you will get from the company around your application. Be careful not to give a feeling of unpreparedness, a feeling of absence, or a feeling of fear. If you are shy, laugh lightly, and hold a pen in your hands if you speak instead of holding them together – joined hands mean insecurity.
  5. Share your strengths even in the moments when they do not ask about them – whenever they ask you a question, make sure you answer the question in the right way, but try to mention your strengths imperceptibly, great experiences. See that it is imperceptible and in the form of a passing mention to get their sympathy and be one of the sure candidates for the position.
  6. If they are not confident in your strengths, offer them recommendations – if during the conversation you feel that employers are not confident in your skills, strengths and want to know more about your qualifications, offer them recommendations that you must have prepared in advance. If you do not have recommendations you can submit contact information from one of the managers in previous companies through which they can get more information about you.

If you follow our tips you will increase your chances of being hired for the job you have applied for by showing your strengths and covering your weaknesses. Thus you will be prepared the best choice for the commission that is looking for the ideal candidate among the many applicants.

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