When did the Streetwear Fashion Trend Start?

Fashion is always a favorite topic among the population since everyone wants to look the best. While some trends are coming and going, streetwear fashion is only developing and becoming more popular.

The popularity of streetwear is shown through the various hype brands that people are paying fortunes to own them. In addition, streetwear has prospered from the streets up to the fashion shows which is another determinant of a successful trend.

To learn more about this fashion, we have to start from the beginning. For that reason, we made this article where we’ll explain when streetwear became a thing. We’ll also talk about the staple clothing pieces as well as tips to improve your style the best.

The beginnings


As a trend that originates from back in the eighties and nineties, it was just casual wear for certain groups. With the rising popularity of the hip-hop sound, and how the rappers were portraying themselves with interesting clothing pieces, that is how streetwear became a thing.

Parallelly, the Californian culture of surfing and skating were other originators of this fashion trend. Stussy started printing t-shirts that led to massive popularity. The designs were further developed by other manufacturers from where this style became prevalent.

After bringing this style to a such large number of groups, everyone who identified as urban started dressing in this way. This was further reinforced by the popularity of brands that became the basis of the hype culture.

The rise of the trend

While everything started as a movement for the urban people, things become more serious as streetwear became more popular. The celebrities quickly became fans of this trend which led to lots of social media publications. With numerous fans of these artists, the once urban trend became more mainstream.

Luxurious brands got interested in this trend and became producing collections that were presented on fashion weeks and runways. With their involvement, streetwear fashion got even stronger to this day where lots of young people are rocking the style best they can.

Streetwear’s essential pieces


To achieve the proper urban look, there are lots of pieces that serve an essential role in streetwear fits. For that reason, we made a short list of clothing pieces that are just staples of this trend.


When it comes to tops, there are already lots of clothes coming in this category. The first item is T-shirt. They can easily contribute to a great style by adding simplicity to complicated outfits and pop to simple outfits.

However, not every t-shirt is suitable for this trend as suggested by gstreet.cool. For that reason, you should look for oversized gstreet clothing pieces and designs that just scream urban. This includes prints, various patterns, and colors as well as letters that just complement your style.

Hoodies are other essential top pieces and without them, there will be no streetwear in the colder months. They should be wide and cozy with designs that describe and elevate your style further. If you are dressing for a slightly different occasion, going with a sweatshirt is also a great idea. Just go for designs that you find nice, and be sure to feel completely confident in the fit you’ve chosen.



Every streetwear fit starts from the footwear and then above. However, they have to fit the streetwear look. For that reason, you should look for sneakers that already left a stamp on the culture. Although they may be expensive, you can surely find great pairs for a retail price.



As you’ve seen on most urban-style sites, most of the fits come with joggers. They bring a sporty look and they are highly comfortable. Just be sure to differentiate between joggers meant for lounging inside your house and the ones meant to complement your style. However, with lots of brands and quality joggers you can surely find a pair to enjoy.

Another bottom piece that is essential for streetwear fits is the cargo pants. The special models are made to look modern with their carrot fit. Baggy cargos are an alternative meant for people who love the wide fit a little bit more. The majority of pockets make these pants practical which is another reason for their success.


Lastly, we have the head accessories that make the whole outfit complete. For that reason, you should invest in a couple of snaps back each with a different theme and color so you can add accent to various outfits of yours.

In addition, you should consider getting caps with a curved peak which are great for everyday wearing, and docker hats if you are more of a skating enthusiast.

Tips for elevating your style

After going through the essential pieces of every streetwear fit, it is time for us to provide a couple of tips to completely elevate your style and rock urban outfits the best.

Get the right pair of kicks

As mentioned above, you should ensure getting an appropriate pair of kicks. They are usually the first thing somebody notices on you, so you should leave a good impression at first. Even though they can be expensive, it is worth investing in one exclusive pair for special occasions, and another pair you’ve gotten for retail for every day.

Look for quality clothing pieces

While there are lots of stores that are selling streetwear pieces, you should not simply purchase them just because of the design.

Quality is the biggest factor when choosing to clothe since you first have to be comfortable wearing the piece before showing it to the public. In addition, you should look for longevity in your clothes, so be sure you are purchasing from verified and established stores.

Be careful with the wide fits

While urban fashion is filled with wide fits, you should be careful with them. It is always better to be moderate and combine skinny and wide. This adds diversion to your outfit making it look well thought out.

Consider multiple layers

The layers of your clothing are giving depth to the outfit and they are essential in streetwear. They add variation and you can easily combine colors contributing to a better fit.

You should begin with thinner materials and add sturdier fabric on top. In addition, you can wear your jacket unzipped to show what is hidden beneath or wear vests over your hoodies. Just be sure the colors are complementary to prevent looking silly.

Be creative

Lastly, you want to be unique with your creations since the clothing you are wearing is describing you to the fullest. For that reason, you don’t need to completely rely on images you’ve seen on the internet. Just find a piece that you like the most and begin from there. That is how you come up with a unique style that will be recognized by everyone and wear that with confidence.