Step into the fantastic world of EDM with Lord Conrad 

This young multitalented artist is taking the world by storm. He is a DJ, a music composer, a dancer, an actor, a model, and a TV personality. Lord Conrad was born in Milan, Italy and is today considered to be one of the most rapidly rising stars in the 21st century. His style, music, glamour, and the general level of attractiveness are what make him appealing and intriguing.

His popularity goes beyond the USA. This incredible performer is popular in Italy, Japan, India, Indonesia, and pretty much everywhere in Europe.

His newest track will be released on May 1st and will be available in all digital stores and all streaming platforms such as Spotify.

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The majority of his fame came thanks to his single “Touch The Sky” which he released in 2017. The fabulous video and the catchy and energetic song are an incredible combo that has been featured on numerous international radio and TV stations. The video is captivating, as is the Lord Conrad’s song. It was filmed in Rome but watched and enjoyed all over the world. The song is more than just a good tune to dance to though. Lord Conrad sends the messages of love, showing his altruistic character. His songs are perfect music to listen to, both on the dance floor and from your couch. “Touch The Sky” has over a million and a half views with viewers from all over the world.

His hit song “Only You” that entered the YouTube channel “Elements” is admired everywhere by everyone who likes to shuffle. The positive vibe can be felt through the majority of Lord Conrad’s songs as he is an altruistic man simply wishing to share the love with the world using the music as his messenger.

This artist is also a dancer, an aesthetic guru, a personal trainer, trader, and influencer.

New Song Comming: Lord Conrad – Videogames

His passion for video games and technology is strong and he is collaborating with the Italian gamer and YouTuber Pepo3393 that has over 3 million views on one of his videos and over 2700 videos on YouTube. The video in which you’ll be able to see both Pepo3393 and Lord Conrad in action is being shot in Milan, Italy.

As a model and a professional dancer who specializes in hip hop and Michael Jackson style, he sets the stage on fire not leaving one indifferent soul in the audience during his performance.

Year after year he is becoming more wanted, more popular, and let’s face it- hotter.

The songs expand beyond the energetic, EDM world. Lord Conrad has proven to us that he can create songs infused with elements of R&B, creating a slower and a more introspective tune taking you through the whole range of emotions.

His “1 minute” track is making people ecstatic. The song is raw and real, embellished with falsetto vocals that are leaving us speechless. “Fight Till The End,” a song following his three major hits, has a much more aggressive, electro house vibe.

The truly remarkable thing about Lord Conrad’s songs is the fact that no matter what type of song he makes, no matter what genres he combines and in what way, the songs can be easily recognized as his. There is a unique stamp that Lord puts in all his songs that makes us appreciate every note, every pause, and every jump.

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