Starlets who Ruined Famous Athletes


Athletes have always been known to attract the attention of alluring women. Many of them, however, made a wrong choice, and as a result their lives and careers were destroyed.

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NFL player Von Miller from the Denver Broncos became a target of blackmail from his ex-lover Elizabeth Ruiz on account of the pair separating. She threatened to publish an explicit video of them if he didn’t pay her a whopping 2,5 million dollars. Miller, though in fear of losing his sponsorships, decided not to pay up and the judge later ruled a prohibition of distributing the video.

Lisa Ann, a famous adult actress revealed that over 25% of famous NBA players are active targets of blackmail. After sleeping with them, these women aim to gather evidence of the act, often resorting to cunning methods like waiting for the players to leave the room so they could steal something as proof.

Roxanne Jeffries is another example – she exploited a football player Marouane Fellaini from Manchester United, compelling him to fall in love with her and later cheating on him with his teammate, breaking his heart.


Young Real Madrid player Theo Hernandez experienced a shock last summer – he was accused of assaulting a Russian starlet Luisa Kremleva on the backseat of his car. The charges were later dropped, but a stain on his career remains.

Two famous football players, Maxi Lopez and Mauro Icardi had their friendship torn apart – Wanda Nara seduced Icardi while being married to Lopez, and even invited him to a cruise with both of them. The events that occurred on that cruise would be fatal for both the marriage and the friendship.