Some of the World’s Best Paintball Fields

Do you like playing paintball? If yes, then you must want to play in the following locations which are considered to be the best paintball fields in the world. With their area and their construction, they make the game far more adventurous and fun than the local arenas.

  • Skirmish, USA

Located in Pennsylvania, Skirmish is one of the famous Paintball fields in the world. It has over 50 kinds of the field made which are shaped like castles, villages, cargo containers, and more. They offer you your dream location to play your favorite game. Their area is spread over 700 acres. They host the biggest game with almost 4000 attendees. Skirmish brings out one of the best and dream locations to the players.

  • Hot Shots Paintball, Australia


Situated in Victoria, Australia, Hot Shots Paintball is one of the famous paintball fields not only in Australia but the rest of the world. They have quite a different and exciting theme which promises a great experience to their visitors. Their field is spread over 100 acres giving the players a wide range of fields to play in. They are targeting to get their field look like more Hollywood which would give players a sense of living all that they watch on TVs and cinemas. 

  • CPX, Chicago

Based in Chicago, CPX gives the attendees a lifetime experience. The paintball field is made by 6 brothers and they all work in the same company named Based on 143 acres the field is designed in a way that the players get a thrilling excitement while playing. It’s known to host some of the most known events of the world getting more than 2000 attendees, it’s definitely a dream place for many. Other than that, they have their field design into various maps giving the players a whole new experience.

  • Asylum Paintball, New Zealand

New Zealand’s most famous and exciting location to have fun, it’s a well-known paintball field which is situated in the safest location. They have games for people coming from all age group and their deals are divided accordingly. With their location, they provide quite an exciting experience to all those who are looking for some thrill. They have indoor and outdoor fields, they provide catering, payments can be done through cards, and they have comfortable facilities like BBQ, lockers, and washrooms. They also give a complimentary photo service to save your memories.

  • Hollywood Sports, California

Located in California, Hollywood sports get all that you can imagine! With 28 acres and 7 fields, it gives you the experience which you’ll remember all your life, it’s one of the best fields in the world. They have a famous movie set like Godzilla, Starship Troopers and much more which gives you the opportunity to live a day like your favorite celebrities. Along with paintball they also offer airsoft, laser tag, and much more to make your day the best day for sure.  There are many celebrities who visit HSP on a regular basis to enjoy there day! They have separate sections for people coming from all the age group which makes it convenient for everyone. They also provide a location for private parties and to have fun exclusively with your own people.

  • Adrenalin Paintball Park, Egypt

Offering various scenarios for an exciting and adventurous day, Adrenalin Paintball Park is an outdoor venue in Egypt that gives thrilling experience to the paintball players. One of its famous fields is Armageddon which is based on 1800 sq. meters and can host up to 28 players in one turn. It’s designed according to the famous video game Call of Duty, so the players are definitely going to have a lifetime experience at Adrenalin. The park also offers a great deal for various party occasions making your day memorable for not only you but your guests.

  • Xtreme Kombat Paintball Fields, USA

Another best paintball location based in the USA is Xtreme Kombat Paintball, it’s the best selection to have a day out. There are various fields type available which you can choose according to your own style and there are is big enough to give you the best experience, with the space given you can work on your techniques and enjoy your time. You can arrange parties, have exciting discounts and even earn membership.

  • Mayhem Paintball, England

Mayhem is another paintball location that is world-famous and is situated in Essex, England. From past thirty years, Mayhem is providing it’s attendees a lifetime experience. They provide you with the best quality equipment and a variety of fields to choose from, they make it their priority that you enjoy your time with them. They also offer discounts on weekdays and to school trips. UK’s best paintball field lets you call them to book the venue or you can online choose your desired field. You can also host parties at your favorite paintball location.

  • NPF Bassets Pole, UK

Another one based in the UK, in Birmingham, is NPF Basset. Offering other thrilling games alongside paintball NPF is one of the most famous Paintball fields to have a game of paintball. They provide free entries and free paintball for a larger group like a group containing 15 players which makes them people’s favorite. NPF Basset also lets you organize personal events as they provide the perfect and complete facility to let you enjoy your day with the people that matter to you. With their helpful and good facilities, they provide their attendees with a good time.

  • Paintball Park, Germany

Situated in Aachen, Germany, Paintball Park is one of the famous fields which host the exciting game of paintball. Their vast location and various types of fields let you and your friend have the time of your life. You can choose the fields according to your own style and start the game.

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