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Some of the best iPhone gadgets – top 5

We are all aware that phones have become an integral part of our lives and that modern communication cannot be fathomed without them. One of the most popular phones on the market is surely the iPhone, and it is used by millions of people throughout the globe. However, the phone itself is not enough. There are various gadgets that are constantly used to make iPhone usage even simpler and safer, or just because they look cool. Let’s see some of them.

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1. Charging Pad

We are all aware that iPhones batteries are some of the markets and that they have very good durability. However, their duration is not limited, and batteries are dead after a couple of hours of constant using. People who use iPhones more intensely, they use up batteries even faster. This is the reason why RAVPower Alpha Series Fast Charge Wireless Charging Pad is a very good and usable solution since you are able to charge your phone at any time. The charging time of a phone is 30min. The indicators always shows the battery status. It can be bought for 40USD on Amazon. One bad thing is its limitation to iPhone 8, iPhone 8 Plus, or iPhone X.

2. Tile Style

Tile Style is a very useful gadget that can be bought for 25USD on Amazon or Best Buy. How many times has it happened that you are ready to go somewhere, but you simply forget where your phone is. What is it? It is a kind of a Bluetooth gadget that is simply attached to your phone. How does it function? When you cannot use your iPhone, you simply press it, and the tune ring will lead you to it. Best product reviews put this as one of the most important iPhone gadgets. The bad side, or the realistic one of it, is the fact that it has a 200ft range.

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3. Nomad Rugged Cable

It is available on Nomad for 25USD. This cable is one of the best of that kind on the market due to its great design that prevents dirt from coming in. You can use it on any iPhone from iPhone 5 to the latest ones.

4. Kenu Stance Tripod

This product is available on Amazon for 20 bucks. It is actually a kind of a stool that you can place your iPhone on. This one is very effective in all those situations when you simply need to watch something or be on a meeting via iPhone, and you do not want to lean a phone against something or to hold it in your hands.


5. Rokform Pro Series Bike Mount and Case

This is one of a bit expensive iPhone gadgets since its price is 99USD Amazon. There are thousands of people who are cycling for various reasons, and they all have phones. In order to have it always in front of you, to show your route, speed or something similar, this is the perfect gadget.

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