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Slip rings and their types

When we talk about and electrical or mechanical assembly, we can’t neglect the significance of its every single component or part. Each bit of the machine has its own one of a kind phenomenal centrality and reason. For example, for an automobile vehicle, it’s the engine, its braking system, and gear system; everything is proposed to play out a critical most job. Similarly, slip rings are used to play out a specific action or to fulfill some important task in the machinery. Now, what’s that important task we’re talking about? For which purpose slip rings are used? We’ll not make you wait; we are over to look at the cutoff of slip rings in detail so click here for more detail.

What are slip rings?

In an electromechanical device, to transmit electrical signals or voltage, we have to familiarize a set of wires. In some cases, there comes a situation in which the main assembly is rotatory. In these types of machines, just wires won’t be acceptable to make an affiliation. For rotatory accumulations, we need this part of devices to transmit electrical voltage.

So, the electromechanical gadget or device which exchanges electrical signals from the stationary part of the equipment to the turning part is known as a slip ring. We know it’s difficult to understand the working of this part of devices by just a definition. Don’t worry; we will reveal you each and everything about this part of devices.

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There are some electromechanical devices, in which a specific task must be performed by the rotation of an article. So we simply surrender transfer of electric voltage through a rotating part of the device. That is the spot we need slip rings.


A slip ring structure joins two key parts, static part and turning part. A static or stationary part is made of graphite or metallic brush and the rotating part is made of some conducting material. It is assembled in such a way, that the metallic brush contacts the outside segment transversely over of them. In this way, when the metal ring turns, the stationary part having a metallic brush allow the transmission of the electrical checks to that turning ring. However, the transmission of electric voltage happens from a static part to the rotating some bit of the contraption.


Slip rings are of different sorts depending upon its usage. There are following sorts of them:

Through Bore – These came up with a hole in the middle giving passage to pipes or wires.

Capsule – These are smaller in size and more moderate than other slip rings. They are best for immaterial size mechanical assemblies.

Pancake – The key ability is that pancake slip rings are platter and flat in the dimension. The stature of this kind is very much lesser than the general ones.

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Miniature Or Tiny Slip Rings – They are commonly humbler in size. These are used in minor rotatory devices i.e. CCTV system, etc.

Waterproof Slip Rings – When the machine is shown to the outside condition, by then these are perfect with the objective that the machine can discard electric shock.

High Voltage Or High Current Slip Rings – When transmission current is high in a contraption, by then this sort of slip rings are used. Current rating is routinely 10A to 500A in these types

Significant Uses of Slip rings

There are multiple uses of slip rings in different electromechanical devices. Some uses are underneath:

In Cranes and Stackers – This sort is used in cranes to stack heavyweight objects from one place to another. This kind of mechanical assembly is used in power plans too. In ports, these are used for stacking and unloading.

Heavy Motors – The machinery used in the process of mining also have this part of devices installed in them. These liberal motors are being used in injection molding and blow molding mechanical assembly as well.

Power Generation – One of its central uses is in the generators. These are used in wind turbine generators and arranged windmills for the generation of power.

Important Point you must audit while purchasing slip rings:

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There are a huge proportion of domains that need a review while securing them. Some of the points are running with:

Environmental temperature:  On the off chance that you’re hoping to work your machine in an outside condition, attempt to go for a slip ring which is water resistant. Unfortunately, most of the operators ignore this condition. Dependably show your temperature conditions to your dealer so that you may get the best slip ring as shown by your necessities.

Mining-related projects – In mining or some other mining-related assignments where there are chances of the impact of the contraption, we use different sort of this part of devices. So, you should demonstrate your dealer with respect to the probability of your operation.

Requirement Of RPM – In case your contraption operates on high RPM, by then go for this part of devices with high RPM. This will improve the most distant purpose of your machinery. Nowadays, most of the machines operate on low RPM, yet on exhibiting a slip ring of higher RPM, we’ve seen the expansion in the adequacy.


Keep seeing the probability of your contraption. Always does some research first by then go out for your device hunt with the objective that you may not get in a stunning position in the midst of the operational work? We’ve seen people who don’t concentrate on what they really need and they end up having drawbacks.

We’ve endeavor our best to clear up your mind regarding the concept of slip rings. Yet in the meantime, if you think we’ve missed out anything related to this part of electrical and mechanical devices, do let us know. If you have any question with respect to the affirmation of best slip ring according to your need, counsel us. We’d be happy to enable you to further process of choosing one for your device.