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Shopping Mall Advertising Tips

Shopping mall advertising is still one of the most effective ways to get the word out about your business. But, this method can only produce results if you follow the right advertising strategy.

After all, you’re not the only business owner who’s showing off their goods. There are numerous restaurants, boutiques, stores and exciting events trying to grab people’s attention at the mall.

What can you do to stand out? Read on for some tips on how you can use signage and other tools to set yourself apart.

  • Be relatable

It doesn’t matter what kind of service or product you’re selling; it’s important to create advertising content and copy that sounds conversational and relatable. People will find it easier to relate to your advertisements if you’re communicating in a way that sounds natural and human. Keep in mind that you’re speaking to regular human beings, not robots or super-formal people. Promote the experience offered by your product or service instead of giving them a list of features or benefits like some product catalog.

  • Always offer a promotion

Have you ever noticed how shopping mall centers always have a sale or discount promotion happening? That’s because discounts and giveaways are a sure way to attract people’s attention. Take a leaf out of this playbook and make sure you always have some kind of promotion running, whether it’s a sale, a discount or giveaway.

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  • Use digital signage

People are always attracted to shiny objects and what’s shinier than a massive, digital screen brandishing the latest deals and promotions? Digital signage is still one of the best ways to attract people’s eyeballs to your advertisements. You can check out and take a look at their wide variety of these attention-grabbing contraptions to suit every budget.  

  • Target a general audience

I know this sounds counterintuitive because most marketing gurus will tell you to target a specific demographic. But, you have to keep in mind that shopping malls attract people from all walks of life, and you want to communicate with as many of them as possible. That’s why it’s important to create advertising that appeals to a wide target demographic.

  • Try digital marketing

Just because you’re marketing a shopping mall outlet doesn’t mean you can’t leverage the benefits of digital marketing. Digital marketing can help you widen your reach beyond the local audience to reach other areas in your county or province.

Think of it this way; almost everyone uses one or two online social networks nowadays and most people spend a large portion of their day on their phone. Even when shopping at the mall, most people walk around with their attention firmly fixed on their smartphones. So why not interact with shoppers online and advertise your latest deals and promotions on social networks like Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter?

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Having a frequently updated, mobile optimized, and the user-friendly website goes without saying, of course. You can use social media and other forms of digital marketing to attract shoppers, advertise and maximize promotions, as well as to highlight certain products and boost sales. Some of the most common shopping mall advertising strategies include hosting a social media photo contest, offering digital coupons and promo codes, and hosting online giveaway contents that are redeemable in store.

  • Consider the time of year

When planning a shopping mall marketing strategy, be sure to consider special days and holidays. That way, you can design ads and events centered on these important dates that bring people together. Plus, people are often looking for something interesting to do on holidays because they’re off work and want to get out of the house to keep themselves or their kids entertained. Mall shoppers tend to notice holiday-themed ads more than regular marketing campaigns anyway, so you’ll be doing yourself and your business a favor by advertising according to these special dates.

  • Be consistent

Maintain the same color scheme and design aesthetic throughout your entire campaign so that it’s easier for people to connect the dots between your ads. Your ads should always tie in with your existing brand identity as well.

  • Go big

When designing your ad copy and/or visuals, keep things lighthearted while adding a bit of exaggeration to the mix. We’re not saying you should overstate the benefits offered by your product or service. Just use comical humor to boost the appeal of your ad.