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Shazam! UK release date, cast & trailer

Shazam! is coming into UK cinemas and here you can find all the information about it.

Shazam! is a film that puts together the universe of Wonder Woman, Aquaman and other members of the Justice League.
The film features Zachary Levi and is about a young orphan who gets transformed by an Ancient Wizard into a godlike whose mission is to defend the Earth from villains.

The release date of Shazam!

Shazam! is coming to the cinemas on April 5, 2019. When it comes to releasing date on the European continent, it is April 4, while France is getting it on April 3. The release date in the US is the same as in the UK, April 5.


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Two years after the aliens’ invasion in Justice League by Steppenwolf, Billy Batson moved into his seventh foster home by Vasquez family, in Fawcett City.

One day, Billy gets transported out of a subway car and appears in a magical realm, where he meets the ancient wizard who gives him godlike powers. Those powers can be used in adult form after he shouts the word ‘Shazam!’

Then Billy, along with his new powers and foster brother Freddy Freeman tries to defeat the sinister Dr. Thaddeus Sivana.


Many trailers for this film have already been released, the first one on Comic-con, and others that show us a bit about Dr. Sivana.


Levi is playing the adult superhero Shazam who is a transformed version of a young orphan Billy Batson (Disney star Angel).
He was given powers of the “Champion of Eternity” by a wizard, and those powers include the super strength of Hercules, the wisdom of Solomon, the lightning powers of Zeus, the courage of Achilles, super-speed of Mercury and the stamina of Atlas.
Batson is a replacement of a previous ancient hero, who turned against the Council of Eternity and killed all of them, except for The Wizard of Shazam.

Dr. Sivana is played by comic book villain veteran Strong, and he is obsessed with learning the secrets of magic.

Jack Dylan Grazer plays Freddy Freeman. He is Billy’s best friend and foster brother.

Shazam, or The Wizard who gave Billy his abilities, is played by Djinkn Hounsou.

The Ghost Whisperer star Mary Bromfield plays Batson’s protective foster sister. Also, in the comics, she became the first significant superheroine, Mary Marvel.

Ian Chen, a young Fresh Off the Boat star plays Billy’s bookish foster brother, Eugene.

Billy has a shy and sensitive foster brother, Pedro, that is played by Jovan Armand.

The youngest sibling, Darla is played by Faithe Herman.
An actor famous for The Walking Dead series, Cooper Andrews plays the foster father, Victor Vasquez, while Marta Milans plays their mother.

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Spinn-off with Dwayne Johnson

Dwayne Johnson was supposed to play Black Adam, a superhero gifted with godlike powers who turned against the Council of Eternity, but he ended up being changed with Sivana, so Johnson will play this role in a spin-off film.

The producers assure us that Black Adam’s solo film is definitely happening since they are very deep into the script already.

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