Will Shades of Green Be the Go-To Color for Interior Decor in 2024?

Picking the right colour for your home can be an extremely difficult choice. Colours come in so many different hues in tones sometimes it can seem like an impossible task to decide on a colour scheme for your living space.

We have all been struck by this conundrum and all of us at some point made a mistake that cost us a pretty penny. Making a colour choice for the home or a part of your home is very tricky and it requires you to plan and know other design and colour choices in advance. If you want everything to fit nicely together you need to imagine everything done before you even start doing anything.

Much like other elements of interior design, particular colour schemes and palettes fall in and out of favour, influenced by broader trends and changes in fashion and style. We have started with mild colours that are pleasing to the eyes and transitioned to something hard and bold over the years just to make a return on mild colours again with some of the colour pallets more questionable than others. We have also decided to ditch the traditional way of painting our walls and we opted for the good old wallpapers, 3D wallpapers and wall mouldings. The trends are changing and we are making a full circle back to what we used 50-70 years ago but with modern trends and twists.

We use many materials and colours lately but somehow green has become an increasingly popular choice for interior spaces. Let’s look at what it can offer your home décor and ask if green is set to become the go-to choice in 2024. Keep reading to find out more.

Choosing the Right Color


Choosing the right colour for your home décor isn’t simply a case of picking your favourite colour or the first one that catches your eye. While this strategy can and often is employed, it can lead to an unbalanced and disjointed aesthetic image that tires or distracts the eye.

There is nothing wrong in loving one colour more than other but when you are doing a designer-themed home you have to consider a lot of things and make a lot of compromises along the way. Sometimes you will love those compromises, often not so much but they are the necessary process of this entire thing.

The colour you choose must complement and interact well with other elements in your space, such as furniture, ornaments, and soft furnishings. If you are looking at sectionals for sale, you’ll need to keep in mind the particular colour of your space and ensure it matches the colour of your potential new purchase.

What Can Green Bring to a Space?


The colour green can be used to breathe life into a space and can be used to introduce ideas of the natural world and freshness. This can be perfect for interior spaces, which can often feel a bit cold and artificial. Per some research, green is a very soothing colour and it does wonder for your eyes and mind. The pallet of green colour rests your eyes and stops your brain from straining too much. it is supposed to relax and bring you inner peace, and from some reports, this can be confirmed.

Our modern-day lives can be incredibly stressful. Immersing ourselves in nature has been proven to reduce feelings of stress and anxiety, so perhaps the increase in the popularity of green interior spaces can be seen as an attempt to reconnect ourselves with nature and help us destress and unwind. For a long time, people have favoured neutral tones such as whites and creams in their homes. We’re now seeing people lean more toward bright, vibrant colours such as green to make their homes more attractive and unique. Those whites and cream colours are great and all but somehow it is everywhere and you get fed up. There is nothing worse than being at work 8-10 hours a day staring at a white wall and coming home to the same. You neither have the feeling you are home nor you are giving your brain a chance to register a change.

Where Does Green Work?


Perhaps one of the greatest benefits of the colour green is its versatility. It can be used in just about any room in the home, be it the living room, bedroom, or kitchen. Unlike red tones, for example, which are more suited to particular rooms, green can be used just about anywhere, and any room will benefit from a splash of green.

Rooms with wooden fixtures or furniture, in particular, work perfectly with green. This will reinforce a natural, organic atmosphere and create an incredibly attractive visual scene. If you have this in your kitchen, living room, or dining room adding green to wood or greyish or darker tones will add joy to that room, and add personality and the contrast it needs to shine.


Interior design trends can often be difficult to predict. However, we are certain that the colour green will become a go-to in 2024. It can rejuvenate a space, and its connotations with the natural world make it the perfect choice to counterbalance our increasingly digitized lives.

Any tone or a pallet of this colour will be your nature away from nature, adding some type of 3D wallpaper to a certain wall, and combining them with anything wooden or brownish around will let you feel like you are in a field under a ray of sunshine. You will breathe with your lungs wide open and you will see the positive feedback from your friends and family, regarding this.

To some, certain colours and pallets may seem strange especially if you haven’t done something bold like this, may seem strange at first but give it a few days to a week and you will see a change in and on you. You will be stress-free, relaxed and in touch with yourself.