How to Select a Reliable Board Portal?

Paperless meeting solution is an important part of any business’s marketing strategy in the era of digital transformations. Productive online board meetings can take weeks of planning, and their implementation can be overwhelming. Thus, specially organized platforms have the potential to help arrange effective online events.

The virtual boardroom is modern technology and service for online meetings and collaboration in real-time via the Internet. It is designed for online presentations, discussions, distance learning, board administrators and directors can go on the air and invite participants to a dialogue. Participants can cooperate with documents, synchronously view sites, videos, and images, take shared notes, share files, and chat. In this case, each participant joins from his place of residence and a convenient device.

The main types of board software

The functionality of the board portal is determined by the services it provides to the user. Special software is developed for the implementation of each of them and user access to these services. It is designed to work in a network, and therefore should be focused on simultaneous use by many customers from the same or different organizations.

Virtual board software products can be of two types:

  • on-premise. The software is installed as a “stationary” solution (the server part is located on local servers or users’ work computers);
  • cloud-based. The server part of the software is installed in the “cloud”. SaaS services are the most common type of cloud technology.

In the SaaS model, the platform and infrastructure are increasingly managed by a service provider. At the possibilities of managing the clients, it will be surrounded by only a minimal set of adjusting the configuration of programs for its consumption.

Board management software based on SaaS has many advantages over traditional on-premise software:

  • mobility – cloud software is installed on the server, not on the local device. So the user gets access to programs from any device, any location where the Internet connection is set up;
  • relevance – cloud software is easy to configure and update. The user always has access to the latest version of the software or it is possible to upgrade to the latest version;
  • accessibility – programs provided within the SaaS model, usually focused on solving common, fairly common, and popular problems. Therefore, such software is usually cheaper than on-premise software.

Besides, it is believed that clouds are the most secure, as they allow you to implement your means of encryption and protection at the stage of their creation, as well as to leave data in the existing infrastructure of the company.

Key factors of board software selection

What are the most important criteria when choosing a virtual boardroom? Read more about the basic factors that play a special role when choosing  software.

Type of the company. Different companies require different features tailored to their specific needs. Software for a small nonprofit organization could be totally different from a product for a large-scale commercial organization. For example, for large companies, an important aspect is the scalability of the system, that is, the ability to adapt to the expansion of the requirements and the increase in the volume of tasks being solved.

Deployment option. There are two possible solutions: on-premise or cloud-based software. The system should be intuitive to the user who owns the subject area. Currently, leading developers of board software pay special attention to the intuitive interface of the system, the ability to quickly launch, and self-mastering the system.

Pricing options. Prices often depend on the first two factors, but also there is a correlation between the number of users, the list of features, the experience in the marketplace, and other criteria. Besides, some providers can ask for additional costs for some features. In most cases, the software provides offers several packages following customer needs.

Free trial. Almost every company provides the option to download a demo version of their product so that you can try out the software before buying. It’s great when a customer can decide if he or she really likes the product without paying anything. It can be useful to start a couple of free trials of online board meetings simultaneously and compare the results.

Training. Maybe it is not the most important thing, but it would be much better when different training options are available, so the customers can use the board management software as soon as possible. To find the best board portals, visit to check which vendor meets the requirements of your business needs and all necessary information related to this topic.

Support. This point can be vital. Nobody wants to spend hours of limited time waiting for assistance from the support team.  A good software service provider is characterized by comprehensive support beyond the onboarding period. You should answer the following questions for yourself: Does the software developer offer support beyond purchasing the software? How do I ask potential questions? How quickly do I get answers to queries? Do I have a direct contact person at the software provider?

Reviews assessment. The experience of previous buyers is important. To learn more about a specific vendor, it’s useful to read the reviews from real customers on numerous review websites. Customers do not want to worry about the guarantees of the deal and think whether they will not be deceived, so good reviews work to create the image of a reputable company that can be trusted.


A high-quality corporate management system and an efficiently working board of directors are the most important conditions for the long-term sustainable development of a modern company. For its productive activity, a board portal software, such as, was developed to automate the processes of preparation, holding, summing up the results of the online meetings of collegial bodies of the company. Such platforms based on cloud technologies have a very strong perspective – the ability to completely displace and replace traditional development tools due to cheapness, adaptability, and teamwork capabilities. So, set the right course for digital project implementation and innovative business models in your company with the boardroom software.