Keyword Research: How To Find The Search Terms Your Customers Use?

Before you start working on your SEO campaign, you need some keywords. But how to find target keywords for your website? Well, there are many methods and we are here to tell you about the best way to find search terms your customers use on the internet. We hope that you know some basic information about keyword research.

The process of finding the right target keywords for your online campaign is known as keyword research. There are thousands of keywords that your customers use to search relevant topics, but you cannot target all of them. That is why online businesses have to research keywords thoroughly to get relevant target audiences. So without wasting time anymore, let’s jump to the main discussion about keyword research.

Why Is Keyword Research Vital?

As we have mentioned that daily there are billions of searches on search engines, forums, social media and everywhere on the internet. All of these searches are not relevant to your business. So to find your business relevant keywords it is important to research more. For that you can hire a Company like EZ Rankings. Keyword research is a process where you search for keywords and find metrics about them to see whether they are useful for your business or not. By useful, we mean that you will check whether a keyword can bring traffic for you or not. Without keyword research, you cannot get the right keywords and without keywords, you cannot get more traffic.

Steps To Find Search Terms

Following are some steps that you will have to take to find search terms relevant to your business. When you sort all the keywords, then you will find that there are thousands of keywords related to a single business or topic. So it becomes very hard for the websites to choose the best search terms. But with these steps, you will get to the point easily.

#1. Note Down Your Topics

First of all, you have to note down all of your topics. Suppose that you are an eCommerce store that wants to sell shoes to customers. So you can note down all the search terms that come naturally to your mind about shoes. What shoe buyer will search on Google? All of these are your relevant topics.

#2. Search Everywhere For Keywords


Finding relevant topics or keywords only on search engines is not enough. You have to search everywhere for keywords. From search engine’s to social media, you will need to search everywhere. These all are not keywords, but they are search terms that trend on various platforms. You will get a long-lasting list of search terms and don’t worry about their numbers, because they will be shortlisted before you start using them as target keywords in your SEO campaign.

#3. Get Help From Search Engines

You can simply get help from search engines. Just search your interest, topic, business, product in any search engine, and it will show you relevant words below the page. All these related search terms are going to be very useful for you.

#4. Make A Sheet Of Keywords

Now the next thing is to make a sheet of keywords that you have collected. All the keywords will be included in this sheet.

#5. Use A Keyword Research Tool

The last step is to pick a keyword research tool to research more about your keywords. Here in this tool, you can manually add all the keywords from your self-made sheet. Also, you can search the relevant terms in the tools and it will present all the metrics in front of you. Now you have to choose the best target keywords to use in your SEO strategy.

How To Pick The Right Target Keyword?

After using a keyword research tool, you will find that there are too many keywords in front of you. And you just have to pick a few target keywords. But who will tell you which keywords are the right target keyword? Are you sure about which keywords will bring more traffic to your site? Well, if you are not sure about it, then you must check out the following metrics. These metrics are used by digital marketers while choosing the right target keywords.

#1. Volume

Volume is the major and key element in any keyword research process. The volume shows how many times a keyword is used to search something on the web and high search volume means more traffic. If you just want traffic, then the volume is the major factor that you should consider while picking up keywords.

#2. CPC

Cost per click or CPC is also an important factor considered for keyword research by digital marketers. CPC shows what will be the cost per click if you promote your business online through that particular keyword. Also, it shows you how much you will get as a publisher if you target that particular keyword. So this metric is used differently by the publishers and advertisers. It depends upon you at which position you stand while researching keywords.

#3. Competition

Keywords have competition linked with them. While researching keywords through a keyword research tool, you will get an overview of the competition also. They will show you how much competition there is for a particular keyword. You can choose keywords with low competition or you can choose keywords with more competition. It all depends upon the type of website that you have and also it depends upon your SEO skills. If you think that you can rank your website with high competition keywords, then you can choose them without any worry.

#4. Type Of Keywords

Some keywords bring more traffic, while some bring more conversion and sales. So it depends upon you what type of keywords you need for your website. There are location-based keywords, price based keywords, conversion keywords, etc. You have to choose keywords wisely.

Keywords are magnets and they can be used to attract more traffic to your website. But working with the wrong keywords will kill organic traffic. So it is a very important thing to take keyword research as a serious part of your SEO campaign. If you feel that you are not able to research keywords for yourself, then you must hire someone professional. Get the best keywords to get the best results from your SEO campaign.