San Francisco Short-Term Rentals: Tips For Finding The Perfect Accommodation

Finding a short-term rental in San Francisco is complicated; therefore, it is not uncommon to have a few weeks or months gap between the moving dates. Meanwhile, a place to stay for a temporary period has to be found during the interim period.

When planning to rent an apartment in San Francisco, it looks like participating in an extreme sport. Even after having an excellent credit score and money to give as deposits, the prospective tenants have to move quickly whenever vacancy for apartments appears in the market. Realtor in San Francisco can help overcome the issue of finding short-term rentals.

Apart from New York City and Boston, San Francisco, a city in the State of California in the United States remains the most expensive in rental markets. Here the median rental price for one bedroom is $2950/- per Zumper, a rental platform report. If iProperty Management reports are to be believed, at the end of December 2022, the vacancy for the rental apartment stood at just 3.1% in the Bay Area compared to the 4.1 % vacancy in the entire state.

Tips To Find Perfect Accommodation


Investing in rental property is a common factor nowadays. A short-term rental lease in San Francisco enables the tenant to live temporarily at the rental place. Even though San Francisco is expensive, the tenants did find relief during the pandemic period in the Bay Area, where a net migration loss of 129,000 people occurred between July 2020 to July 2021.

Opting to take service from a property management company is considered a good idea to find a property for short-term rental. A few tips for finding the perfect accommodation include,

Check All Options

Getting short-term rentals can sometimes get easy and tricky too. It usually depends on the location selected and the particular months of the year. If the chosen target city is during summer, the demand for rental apartments is high, increasing the rental accommodation price. Sometimes, prospective tenants should come to an understanding like living in a nearby locality that gives discounts. Also, consider leaving the pets at home with an attendant.

But if the selected location is a college town where students go on vacations during summer, then short-term rentals will be abundant. It will give ample time to check out all the available accommodations and enough time to negotiate with the landlords.

Contact A Broker

Contact A Broker

Taking help from a rental apartment broker is the best way to consider all available options, as they can help find temporary rental options in the area’s preferred part. Depending upon the facilities available, the best choices of apartments can quickly get sorted out. Usually, there is no cost for using the brokers’ services as the property managers pay the brokers.

Along with accommodation for corporates, many brokers look out for short-term rental investments. It only includes extended stays at hotels or rentals available during vacation time.

Be Flexible

Be flexible when searching for rentals, especially when planning to move for a more extended stay. Then it is necessary to ensure that the expected amenities and the location of the accommodation is suitable. But if planning to stay for a shorter period, few compromises are easily made.

Search the neighborhoods if the expected rental options are unavailable in the preferred location. It is advisable to overlook a few inconveniences when looking for accommodations for shorter periods.

Ensure that the selected location is a safe neighborhood and that the apartment is clean. As the stay will be short-term, there is no need to worry about modern appliances and any upgraded facilities available.

Utilize Available Network

Using the available network is the easiest way to find a short-term apartment for rent. Take help from family, friends, and colleagues, as they may know some good rental property owners looking to lease accommodation.

When relocating for work, taking a short-term rental apartment before deciding on a permanent place is advisable. Also, looking into passive income rental reviews based on location can help as it ensures that the rental property is the best. Before signing any short-term leases, thoroughly check the documents and the apartment.

Apply For Multiple Apartments

looking at Multiple Apartments

Searching for rental apartments costs money, as the apartment’s application fees are costly and can incur hundreds of dollars. Due to this, on Jan. 1, 2024, a new California law got implemented to control these costs.

With a thirty-day window, prospective tenants can use one screening report for multiple rental accommodations. The property owners can also disclose whether any reusable screening reports during rental applications are accepted.

Local Regulations

Even though rental properties are available in the preferred area, homeowners’ associations can outlaw a few short-term rentals. It is done to ensure that the rental accommodation in the neighborhood follows the necessary conditions.

Few cities don’t allow corporate buildings to be sublet for less than a year, at least without board approval. Also, rental apartment periods of less than thirty days are considered illegal.

It is illegal to sublet the apartment without getting permission from the landlord. Talking directly with the landlord will ensure the renter or the landlord can handle difficulties in the future.

Lease-Ups Advantage


Sometimes few new apartments offer incentives like a lease-up period, given after a new building is launched. Usually, within the first six to twelve months, this offer is given. A few of these incentives include a parking spot, a free month of rent, storage, or even no application fees.

Period Of Stay

The period of stay is a deciding factor when looking for short-term rentals. Whether staying for a few weeks or months, the choices will differ.

Sometimes the offer that looks good for a short-term stay will look expensive if staying longer. If the tenant is unsure of the period of stay, then make sure the apartment selected has the flexibility to extend the stay.



Looking for a short-term rental apartment in the preferred location requires much work. Therefore make sure to search early before planning to move, as it will become tension free during the actual move.

Apart from checking online, make sure to call leasing managers regarding rental apartments available, as the information given online will have only some essential information.

The actual rental deal, which includes terms and conditions for signing the rental agreement, is known only by speaking to people working there. But with different types of properties available for short-term rental, a tenant can find excellent accommodation with proper research.