Roses: Different Colors And Their Meanings

Each flower has its own meaning, but did you know that the varieties of each flower have its own meaning? No flower can be more colorful than the rose. Roses have up to 12 popular shades, and you can continue reading the article to find out what each color means.

1. Red Roses

Red roses stand for true love, romance, desire, and passion. When we love someone, we give them a red rose. Nothing tells a person “I love you” then a red rose. It is the most common flower we give our significant other for Valentine’s Day and for their birthdays. It’s also the most common “I’m sorry” flower. Red roses can also be added to the bridal bouquet. When a red rose is added to the collection, it says that their love is based on respect and appreciation towards one another.

2. White Roses

White roses stand for purity, innocence, and youthfulness. Unlike red roses, white roses are the most common flowers for a bridal bouquet. They associate with young love, eternal and everlasting love and loyalty towards each other. They also represent new beginnings.

3. Yellow Roses

In the Victorian age, a yellow rose used to represent jealousy. Nowadays, yellow roses stand for friendship, joy, and caring. It’s also been told by florists around the world that a yellow rose conveys warmth, affection, gladness, and delight. Giving a yellow rose to a friend will instantly tell that you care and value his/her friendship. If you want to give your friend a yellow, or any color, rose you can do so by clicking here.

4. Pink Roses

Nothing portrays a woman better than a pink rose. Pink roses stand for femininity, elegance, sweetness, and refinement. A pink rose portrays everything sweet about women. While all roses touch more on the feminine side, a pink rose is what women love the most. Pink roses can also come in multiple shades. A hotter pink stands for gratitude, appreciation, and recognition, while a lighter pink shade stands for grace, gentleness, joy, and happiness.

5. Lavender Roses

Lavender roses are a very unique type that makes a statement of its own. Lavender roses are rarer than most of the colors we’ve mentioned, and they are often times associated with splendor, mystery, and enchantment. They are also associated with love at first sight, so you can give this one for that special person you have funny feelings for.

6. Blue Roses

Blue roses stand for the unattainable, the mystery, and the impossible. You should give this rose to someone extraordinary, wonderful, and unique since this rose is unique, wonderful, and extraordinary in its own way. According to LamouretFleurs, blue roses are perfect for women who are special, women whose attention is difficult to attract, and women who are strong and independent.

7. Black Roses

You might think that black roses stand for death, funerals, and mourning, but contrary to popular beliefs, a black rose symbolizes something much more positive. It stands for the beginning of new things, for major changes, and for inspiring confidence and signaling the birth of a new era full of hope, dreams, courage, and love.


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