Romantic Ideas To Make Every Day Of Valentine’s Week Special

Love Alert! Valentine’s week is approaching soon and you may feel the essence of love and romance in the air. The lovey-dovey couples will be seen walking handin hand and gift shops will be filled with romantic Valentine Day gifts, especially heart-shaped balloons, cards, cushions, and chocolates.

You may also find yourself getting in the grip of mushy, romantic feelings. Enjoy yourself as much as you can because there is no escape!

Now that you are already under the influence of the best feeling in the world called love, we are here to help you make the most of it. We are suggesting here some romantic ideas to celebrate each day of Valentine’s week with your partner in a great manner.

Rose Day- 7th Feb


Rose is an epitome of love and passion. Gifting a bouquet of red roses is the best way to start off a new relationship or add spark to an existing one. Send your boyfriend/girlfriend a bouquet of fresh and velvety red roses to tell they matter to you more than anything else in the whole world. The gorgeous roses will spell the magic of love over your partner and leave them speechless. A hand-written love letter or a cute note along with the floral beauties will make the gift all the more special and memorable.

Propose Day – 8th Feb


If you have found a special someone in life and want to express your love & desire to spend your entire life with them, then Propose Day is the perfect time to do so. Make no delay and convey your love for them to take your relationship to the next level. You can propose with flowers or beautiful love notes to say “I Love You” in the best possible manner. If you are married, then re-enact the way you proposed to your partner for the first time. Trust us, it will be loads of fun that will spark up your married life with romantic moments.

Chocolate Day – 9th Feb

According to a famous quote, “Nothing is more romantic than chocolate.” And when it’s Chocolate Day, make sure to convey love for your boyfriend/girlfriend by sending flavored chocolates of different shapes and sizes for him/her. Or if you are interested, you can make your own chocolates to impress your partner with your baking skills. You can also relish strawberries dipped in chocolate sauce with your darling to make the celebration more romantic.

Teddy Day- 10th Feb

Teddies are the epitome of love, cuteness, and adoration. Gifting your wife/girlfriend a cute and fluffy teddy on Teddy Day is ideal to convey your heartfelt love for her. She can hug it whenever you are away and she misses you a lot. The warmth and closeness of the hug will definitely make your sweetheart feel close to you even when you both are miles apart.

Promise Day- 11th Feb

Loving your partner unconditionally until the end of your life is the best promise that you can ever make to them. Make the upcoming Promise Day a little more exciting by promising your partner something really special on a candlelight dinner. You can even write down your promise on a special note and keep it near their pillow. So that your partner can see it as the first thing in the morning.Such lovely surprise will definitely set a happy note for their entire day.

Hug Day- 12th Feb

According to a famous quote, “Hugging is a silent way of saying you matter to me.” With a warm hug, you can comfort your sweetheart and tell how much he/she means to you. Take your partner for a movie under the stars to spend some alone time together. Hold them in your embrace while watching the movie to make them feel loved, cared, and safe. Your arms will become their favorite place in the whole world where they can be their true self without the fear of judgment or rejection.

Kiss Day- 13th Feb

Kissing is not just a gesture but an act of intimacy as well that bring you one step closer to your partner. And there is nothing like stealing random kisses in the middle of the chores or while cooking meals together. You can also play a kissing game. It involves writing different types of kisses that you and your partner know in pieces of paper and then put them in a jar. Then you take chances to put out the chits from the jar and give your partner the kind of kiss described in the piece of paper. The game will be quite fun and enjoyment is guaranteed for sure.

Valentine’s Day- 14th Feb

So this big day of love comes on the last day of Valentine week, which is of great importance for all the lovers. There are plenty of creative gift ideas for husband/wife& boyfriend/girlfriend available online that you can purchase to say “I Love You” to your partner. Dining and wining with your partner on V-Day sounds like a plan. Relishing aphrodisiac food on Valentine’s Day like chocolates and oysters can spice up things and that might spark some romantic moments between you two. You can also give relaxing and soothing massage to each other to make V-Day celebration more special and passionate.

With the beautiful expression of love make the entire Valentine week dreamy and unforgettable for your partner!

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