Rodrigo Alvares Became an NHS Coronavirus Volunteer


Rodrigo Alves, better known as the ‘Human Ken Doll’, revealed she is becoming an NHS volunteer. The news was announced on her Instagram account.

Roddy first planned to flee to Brazil during the coronavirus pandemic, but she ended up self-isolating at her London home.

This transgender reality star, 36, has shared that she’s signed up to be an NHS volunteer in order to help people in need during the coronavirus pandemic, which the world is currently facing.


The ‘Human Ken Doll’ flaunted amazing curves and breast implants in a series of hot pictures that she posted on Instagram.

The star wore a revealing tight red-lace dress, and her huge implants were exploding out of it.

In addition, she wore a sizzling white-lace ensemble for the photos she took holding a teddy between her legs.

In an interview about being in self-isolation, she revealed: “As soon as the lockdown was rumored to happen, I booked a flight to Brazil with my family, since here in London I have very few friends and nobody pretty much.


“I thought that being with my family at times like this would be appropriate, but then when I was ready to fly out from London to Rio de Janeiro, my flight was canceled, and then I found myself stuck at home in London.

“I have been keeping myself busy I have a vast closet from when I was a man and a third of the outfits I have already given to charity.”

She announced she would sell those clothes on eBay and donate the money to charity.

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