What Is Roblox and How To Be A Pro Player?

‘Roblox’ is a computer game which was created by David Baszucki and Erik Cassel. This game was made in 2004 for Windows computers. The game has over 680 million players now.

Roblox players control their characters (avatars) in a 3D virtual world where they can walk around, chat with other players, buy and sell items, play mini games, etc. The default place in Roblox is a small island with trees, flowers and grass. Players can explore the place or build their own houses, watch TV or build robots. They can also add other players to their friend list and attend parties which are hosted by other players.  The player who hosts a party gains 30% of revenue from items sold in the party even if they didn’t make any items themselves.

Another feature of Roblox is that it has a full-featured programming language derived from Lua that allows a player to alter how the game works in many ways such as changing the movement physics of an object or controlling simple mechanisms like doors, elevators or traps.

The game has a rating system of its own which is based on the age of players who play the game so it is rated as T for teen, M for mature and A for adult.  There are also online safety guides to help parents monitor what their children are doing on Roblox.

‘ Roblox’ can be played on both Windows computers and Macs but not Linux machines at the moment. The basic package is free to download and play though some parts of the game require purchasing tickets using real money in order to use them.

To become a top player one should build different types of gameplay objects each with unique characteristics, design good looking places instead of copying someone else’s work or simply spend hours playing the game.

Roblox is an addicting game available for any age group.  It’s easy to play but hard to excel at. The advantage Roblox has over games like Minecraft is that it has a large community which keeps growing with each passing year.

Computer Specs Required To Play Roblox:

Processor:  1 GHz or better Memory:  4 GB of RAM (32-bit) Video Card: DirectX 9 GPU with 1 GB video memory Hard Drive Space: 200 MB available space Operating system: Windows XP and later MacOS 10.10 Yosemite Linux

How Much Time Is Required To Become A Professional Player of Roblox?

It takes years to be a professional player and even more time to become one of the top players. This is not something that can be achieved in just a few days.  However, if you are willing to spend hours playing Roblox then this should be achievable eventually as long as you follow the above mentioned tips.

How are Autoclickers helpful in playing Roblox?

Autoclickers are usually the first aid of a player who plays Roblox as it speeds up the process of playing by clicking for you so you don’t have to.  However, keep in mind that they should not be overused as they can get you banned from Roblox servers if abused.  Also there exist paid and free autoclickers and both will increase your gaming speed but the free one might decrease the quality of your gaming experience due to increased errors and delayed click timing. You can compare them here:

Roblox Vs. Minecraft:

Both Roblox and Minecraft are the most popular games in their own category. There is a large fan following for both of them though Minecraft has been around longer than Roblox therefore it has more players.

In simple words, ‘Roblox’ is a virtual world where you can build buildings, chat with people from all over the world, play different types of mini games, adventure through various quests and explore new things everyday while ‘Minecraft’ might be considered as an upgraded version of Lego where you get to break and place blocks or dig deep into the earth searching for new resources to improve your gaming experience.

The game which gets released earlier will obviously attract more players until its competitor catches up and this is exactly what has happened here.  Roblox was released before Minecraft and got a head start and therefore it’s the most played game among children.

Is Roblox Safe to play?

Yes, Roblox is very safe to play however since it involves chatting with strangers who might not be adults, abusers can take advantage of you especially if you are a girl playing the game as they might think that you want to chat which actually means that you are willing to do something else too. Therefore parents should monitor what their kids are doing on Roblox servers just like any other chat client.

Therefore, in my opinion I would suggest using parental control software for online games so your child doesn’t have access to anything and everything.

Benefits of playing Roblox:

Roblox provides your child an opportunity to be social, learn new things and express their creativity in different ways. If you are a parent looking to buy a game for your child then Roblox should be the top priority in my opinion just because of its wide range of benefits that it provides which I can’t say much about Minecraft or any other game available right now. But when compared to Minecraft, Roblox has more features than Minecraft so when compared based on features I would definitely recommend playing Roblox instead of Minecraft if possible.

It is a great game and if played in the right manner it can be very beneficial to society as well.  It teaches stuff that we might not learn by simply watching videos or movies on TV and provides the experience of doing the same things for real with your favorite characters from popular cartoons such as Spongebob Squarepants, Doraemon , Ben10 etc.

The Conclusion

‘Roblox’ has many features which make it different from other games like ‘Minecraft’. It’s free and easy to play, though using some services requires purchasing tickets using real world money. It has a rating system based on age groups and provides online safety guides for parents who let their children play Roblox. To become a pro Roblox player one needs to build many unique types of gameplay.

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