Robert Voltaire – A Photographer That Lifts Our Spirit

Photography is one of the modern types of art that has existed for less than 2 centuries but has achieved a huge effect for that short time. And though classic paintings are still a thing to behold, photography allows the artist to remain unique while spreading the message in a simpler manner. Now, there are different types of photography – some professionals enjoy taking nature and adventure photos; others enjoy taking photos regarding daily activities; still, the most popular type of photography has to be the fashion one. Given the fact that the fashion industry is one of the biggest ones out there, and it always requires trends that will follow along, photography is an inevitable part of it.

A fashion photographer that we are all familiar with is Robert Voltaire. Given the fact that he was born in the sunny state of California, there is no doubt where his artistic behavior and creativity comes from. He has been in the industry for years and apart from being a fashion photographer, he has become quite famous for taking fine art body portraits as well. And unlike many other professionals, Robert can be proud that magazines such as Vogue, Cosmopolitan and even Playboy featured his work more than a couple of times. But how has he become so renowned and what can he tell us about the industry? Let’s take a look.

Robert Voltaire On Becoming A Master Fashion Photographer

Now, Robert is aware that there are thousands of people around the world who think being a photographer is easy and there is no more to it other than a few clicks. But that is not true and in fact, it is a type of art that requires a lot of practice, skill, and experience. And for each and every session you have to come with a unique and a new approach related to the model itself – this especially matters if you are a fashion photographer and do fine body art portraits along the way.  As Voltaire suggests there are two main things that you have to take care of when taking a photo – the subject and simplicity. The point is that the photo doesn’t contain too many elements and that still makes a huge impact – this, of course, depends on the subject, and as he claims if the model is comfortable and willing to cooperate it is a piece of cake. That is your job – to make the model as comfortable as possible, and allow them to fill like they are in the setting of their dreams. Master photoshoots of this famed photographer such as those with Rachel Cook, Cailin Russo, and Lloyd Klein came as a consequence of such an approach.

You have to take everything into consideration – from where is she, what is she trying to say, and what should her body posture suggest. Along with that, lighting is something that you have to focus on as well. As Robert suggests your part is to take the best photo and it is up to the viewer to go ahead and interpret it the way they want.

For the sake of people who are interested in developing photography and business skills, Robert wrote a book Photography Marketing Masterclass that is available at his website – and believe us it is worth your time.

What Does Robert Voltaire Offer

Now, apart from the merch that this famed photographer offers he includes a variety of photo shooting packages in his collection as well. If you are a model or a fashion agency Robert Voltaire is free and willing to cooperate at any given time considering his schedule. There are different options and probably the most popular one is the Amalfi Coast photography workshop. Along with that, he offers Deluxe, Platinum, and Standard photography packages that are great for a model just starting and can provide a unique experience that will last you a lifetime!


Robert Voltaire is one of the big dogs in the fashion photography business and though he has been in there for more than a few years, he still has a lot to show to us all. What else is left to say other than – go ahead and enjoy his fine art!


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