Who is the Richest Bitcoin Investor in the World

With just over a decade, the craze of bitcoin does not end anytime soon. People across the globe are thrilled to witness this new investment scheme, and the investment geeks are taking maximum benefit of it. Undeniably, these are the ones whose lives have altered dramatically after receiving a fair return on their investment. Nonetheless, they deserved it as it was their vision that crypto would rise, and now they are bearing the juicy fruits.

The game of cryptocurrency is catching on. Previously, it was the risk-takers who followed their guts and instincts, took the plunge, and made history by displaying their innovative portfolio to the world. As a result, others shifted their eyes towards the crypto domain, and thus, the actual game started. Well, you can read more about the crypto domain at length and see for yourself how to start your investment journey.

The cryptocurrency investment is unbiased and does not demand many formalities. For instance, people with no bank accounts can also participate in the race of making money via bitcoins. The liberty that bitcoins investment delivers is one of the many reasons – apart from high investment returns – people are interested in exploring the realm more and more.

Survival of the Richest

Since the inception of the New York Stock Exchange aka, Wall Street in 1792, the motive was set in motion that the world narrative is about to change. It was the beginning of The survival of the richest rather than survival of the fittest. Moreover, the richest ones are always in the news. The unifying denominator among Steve Jobs, Bill Gates, Elon Musk, Jeff Bezos, Jack Ma, Mark Zuckerberg, Warren Buffet, and others has been money. The more money in their accounts, the more coverage media did.

The same mindset continues which, led us to look out for other ways to mint money. Cryptocurrency is the outcome of it. After the colossal financial fallout in 2008, transparency and exclusion of authority from the stock market was in demand which gave birth to cryptocurrency.

When the money river was flowing swiftly and silently, many swimmers took the initiative to see where the river descends. The volatile nature of bitcoins is both a merit and a demerit when it comes to the ROI. Be that as it may, the returns have proved to be blissful for many.

The Richest Bitcoin Investors – in no particular order

1. The Winklevoss Brothers

The twin Winklevoss Brothers: Tyler and Cameron, are a pair of visionary men who duly understand the pulse of the world of money-making. Earlier, it was the idea of Facebook, and now Bitcoins. They deserve the credit for having such a grand vision, and thus, all the money they made because of the bold step is inevitable.

Both invested a cumulative of $65 million and added $6 billion into their accounts. They got into the business in 2012, right after the Facebook settlement. Seeing the surge in cryptocurrency, they purchased Nifty Gateway, an art auction platform, and launched Gemini – a crypto exchange platform.

2. Matthew Roszak


The chairman and co-founder of the blockchain tech start-up, Bloq – Matthew Roszak, is among the early investors who took the risk of investing in the unknown realm of crypto. He first learned about cryptocurrencies in 2011 and was absorbed in them without wasting any time. The investments he made back then are now worth $1.5 billion.

3. Satoshi Nakamoto

If you are following bitcoins for a long time or are a fresher in the game of snakes and ladders, the name Satoshi Nakamoto will haunt you like a mystery. He is the creator of bitcoins and is supposed to possess almost 1 million bitcoins. If he possesses the said amount of bitcoins, then his valuation is nearly $19 billion.

The surreal part about this is nobody knows who Satoshi Nakamoto is. He could be anybody sitting anywhere in the world. Whoever he is holding the power that nobody else has.

4. Joseph Lubin

The Canadian native is the founder of blockchain Ethereum. Accordingly, his net worth is somewhere around $5 billion. He is a strong follower of Satoshi Nakamoto, and one of his papers on cryptocurrency inspired Lubin to steer towards the crypto domain. He was instantly connected to the idea of a global platform for world money, and with each day passing, we are heading towards the same. Soon, bitcoins would be the global currency.

5. Changpeng Zhao aka CZ

This man is crazy. In 2014, he sold his house and invested everything in the bitcoins. Three years later, Binance was launched for trading crypto. His net worth is estimated at around $2 billion. BNB is the coin that runs on Ethereum. From flipping burgers and gas station shifts, Changpeng Zhao has proved that if you believe in something, you must go head to toe to fulfill it.

6. Tim Draper

He is an interesting person to look into. Tim’s vision was on point, but his luck was not on his side. He bought bitcoins for about $19 million, but US Marshals impounded the bitcoins. In today’s scenario, the value of those bitcoins is $1.5 billion.

The Parting Words

There are many more like the above men who made huge money because of their vision. Just like these men, you too can install the courage and start investing in bitcoins.

Bitcoins are not a fluke. They are going to stay for a long period. In one of the reports, it was mentioned that the last block of bitcoin would be released in the year 2140. There are 21 million bitcoins and 89% of them have been minted. But still, there are many possible scenarios of making money. You might think that you are starting late, but such is not the case with bitcoins.

Soon, the authorities will announce the legality of bitcoins and then a new wave will shock the world. Be smart enough to purchase the ship of bitcoins to sail hassle-free.