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Reviews for the Maxi Climber

The Maxi Climber simply said, Is a vertical climbing machine designed to help you lose weight and get into shape more.

Vertical climbing machines are very popular in gyms all across the world, but with Maxi Climber you can do it all from the comfort of your home.

The machine works in a way that it mimics rock climbing and all the actions associated with rock climbing. Exercising with this machine will make you burn calories faster because of the level of body strength the Maxi Climber requires for you to have. Using this exercise machine will benefit you in several ways. Namely, one of the main reason of the Maxi Climber is to increase your core strength, increase your back strengths, grip strength, facilitate your muscles, and increase the strengths of your lower body tone. And all that from the comfort of your home, no gym required, and no gym membership fees required!

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Maxi Climber Key Features

Every workout machine focuses on different parts of our body, and many workout machines are composed out of various features. So let’s discuss the main features of the Maxi Climber.

1. Adjustable Height

Maxi Climber offers users the ability to personally adjust the height of the machine, meaning that someone who’s 5ft and someone who is 6ft can both enjoy the Maxi Climber. This machine is perfect and fully adjustable in height, meaning you can get the most out of your workout no matter what size you are.

2. Auto Workout Timer

While compiling this maxi climber review, we were impressed by the auto workout timer that the wonderful people designing this machine have put in place for you. Namely, you can use the auto workout timer that has a series of pre-programmed workouts that measures time while using the Maxi Climber. As soon as you step off the machine, the timer will automatically pause, and as soon as you resume, the timer will resume. This can be considered very convenient because no one wants to fiddle in the controls panel every time they are about to start doing their workout. What’s more impressive is that it comes with a display that shows you the number of steps and the number of calories burned with each session.

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3. Ergonomic Design

The feature we are most impressed with is the ergonomic design of the Maxi Climber. The wonderful people making this workout machine were fully aware that people come in all shapes and sizes, so they made the Maxi Climber compatible with any body shape and size. It doesn’t matter if your body shape is an endomorph, mesomorph, or ectomorph, the Maxi Climber’s ergonomic design will bring comfort to your workout like it was designed specifically for you.

4. Low-Impact Workout

We have all been in a situation where we have a sore ankle and its cardio day. Training with an injury can be considered as a high-impact workout and can have a tool on our injury, not to mention the fact that it’s quite painful. Well, the Maxi Climber has been specifically designed to provide a low-impact workout that will reduce the chances of you getting injured. What’s more is that it reduces the chance of you injuring more during the workout because of an existing injury.

5. Compact Design

The Maxi Climber is very lightweight and compact. Whenever you’re not using the Maxi Climber, simply fold it and store it somewhere, so it doesn’t take space in your room. Whenever you feel like training, simply unfold it, and that’s that.